Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st: All About Stickles

Ways using Stickles in your projects
By Lucy Chesna

We all know about stickles and how much fun it can to be to use them on your projects but do you know how to use them in your projects? I have a good amount of them in my stash and maybe use them 20% of the time in my layouts and cards. I want to show you that you can use them in a lot of things and they look great on whatever you use it on.

Stickles are a decorative glitter glue that come in many different colors and textures. You can write, paint, embellish, faux dots, outline, and so much more.

There are three types of Stickles available: Stickles, Distress Stickles, and Glitz Stickles. They are acid free, easy to use and variety of colors available. It lets you apply as much or as little as you want. All you do is squeeze the bottle.

Here are some ways you can use stickles in your projects*

You can outline the letters in your titles.
You can outline the patterns, pictures & designs on your patterned paper
You can make flowers glittery.
You can create photo corners
You can make firework photos glittery
You can make the "trails" from butterflies and dragonflies.
You can use to doodle dots and stitches.
You can outline the veins in leaves.
You can add to stamps
You can make brads sparkly
You can make ribbon sparkly or write on it
You can make waves look 3-D.
You can make rain drops or water drops from a watering can.
You can make fairy dust around a fairy's wand.
You can use Stickles over the designs on grunge board
You can use it under transparencies, to adhere them.
You can use dots made with Stickles to border a page
You can use to decorate buttons
You can add glitter to hats or crowns.
You can add Stickles to the center of flowers.
You can highlight the shadow on stamped letters.
You can stamp with them
You can make flourishes on your flourishes and make them look embossed.
You can use to add bling to a star
You can use Stickles on die cuts.
You can use it to outline a journal box.
You can use to decorate gift bags.
You can use it decorate wrapping paper.
You can use it to decorate feathers
You can use Stickles with a stencil instead of ink.
You can apply Stickles to the top of Thickers.
You can use Stickles to make a heart (or hearts) shine
You can use it to make stars glitter & shine
You can use it to make moonbeams shine
You can use it to add sparkles to a Shamrock.
You can use it to add sparkles to an Easter egg
You can use Stickles to make water reflect
You can use it to highlight a monogram.
You can use Stickles on inchies.

The possibilities are endless. Remember to let them dry at least two hours or maybe
overnight if you use a lot of it. So add sparkle and excitement to your layouts and cards. And remember have fun.