Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Technique Tuesday

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!

By Judy Cantrell

This week’s technique was from Compendium of Curiosities

Page 52 ~ Alcohol Ink Splatter

 The two sample alcohol ink splatter pieces are the same;
This one is inked with Archival Black Ink.


Adirondack Alcohol inks [Brights]
Metallic Mixative Alcohol ink [gold]

Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution
Ranger Craft Sheet
Glossy paper
Archival Ink pad

Dust Remover [can of air]


      1.   Place non-stick craft sheet down on work table.

  1. Drip a few drops of alcohol ink on a piece of glossy card stock.
  Designer’s Note: Use Ranger glossy paper with this technique. Regular glossy for your printer will not work well.
  1. While the ink is still wet, spray can of air with short burst to get a splatter look.
  2. Keep repeating additional colors and blast each color with can of air. At this point you have to decide when enough is enough.
Designer’s Note:  If you don’t have a can of air you can blow through a small drinking straw.  

  1. Shake Metallic Mixative until you hear the bead roll around inside the bottle and set aside.
  2. Drip 3 or 4 drops of blending solution onto the alcohol inked piece. Add one drop of Metallic Mixative into the wet blending solution and then blast with air.
Designer’s Note: For best results use black Archival ink to stamp an image on your alcohol inked piece. Heat set to dry.

The splatter technique is endless; you can use it on glossy paper, dominos, buttons, CDs and so forth. 

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  1. Great post, Judy. I don't have a can of air, but have straws so will try it with that!


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