Friday, September 9, 2011

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal - Using Digital Stamps

Hey Everyone it's another Felonious Friday!! Hope everyone that is in the U.S. had a great Holiday Weekend last week. This week we are going to work with a Digital Stamp. Many of you might not know but I'm the Owner of Robyn's Fetish Digital Stamps and More.. I create Digital Stamps from Line Art. I wanted to use a Digital Stamp on an ATC Card but I didn't want to just print it out, color it and then Fussy Cut it and pop dot it to my Card. I wanted it on the ATC Card just as if I stamped it right on..

Is this possible you ask?


What I did is brought up my Paint Program - Paint Shop Pro and sized the Digital Stamp to just under 2 1/2 inches wide. Then I put a Blank ATC Card into my printer and adjusted it so it had a custom size to print. I have a Canon printer and it will print any size I want. I adjusted it to print out a 3/12 by 2 1/2 sized paper. With the ATC card in the printer I printed out the Digital Stamp!

Perfecto! I now had my Digital Stamp right on my Blank ATC Card. Okay so now what? I had to do my background... but I didn't want to go over my stamp. I created a mask. First I printed off my Digital Stamp again using the same proportions but instead of using paper I cut a mask sheet to the size of an ATC Card and placed that in the printer. It printed out the Digital Stamp just perfect. I cut it out and then adhered this onto my ATC Card.

I then took my Distress Stain - Spiced Marmalade and used it all over the card. Going over the mask but not the digital stamped image. After that dried I grabbed a Script Stamp, some VersaMark Embossing Ink and some Black Embossing Powder. Inking up my stamp with the Versamark and then stamped, and poured the embossing powder on.

At this point I took the mask off the ATC Card... You don't want to leave this on .. duh!! I have and have had a mess of melted mask or a mask that get's stuck on the card and your left with a ripped area.. Believe you me I have forgotten over and over again to take that mask off and had to start all over. Throwing the card across the room and screaming out some not so nice words!! so remember to take your mask off!! ROFL!!

Then heat emboss your card. see what I mean the heat will melt the mask or make it so sticky it sticks to the area and then rips the paper and then and then and then!! LMAO!!

Okay I'm done ranting now..

I used "Black Soot" Distress Ink and with my Blending tool blended the Black soot ink around the edge of the card.

Okay now I want to color my scary pumpkin.. I decided to use Copic Markers for this but anything can be used. Gel Pens, Prisma Color Pencils , Water Color Pencils. Just anything you want to color the pumpkin with. I didn't blend with my Copics this time. I just used the Orange, Black and a lighter orange for inside the pumpkin.

(By the way OWSE happens to have the best price for Copics on the net.

I am not allowed to advertise the price but check it out and do a google search
and you will see we have a Gonga of a Price!!)

Once I was done coloring I needed some sparkle I thought.. I grabbed some black glitter and this fabulous adhesive I use especially when I using fine glitter. The adhesive is made by the Art Glitter company. It has a pointy tip on it so you can really get detailed . I have used this glitter adhesive on these butterfly stamps I have and it works so good you can put layers of different color glitter onto your stamps and have definition between each color of glitter. It's just wonderful stuff!! I have tried so many different adhesives for glitter work and this one is the best!!

Using the adhesive I covered the hat and then with a spoon I spooned the Black Glitter on..

Okay so now it has glitter and I was a Happy Camper.. I completed my card and used my digital Stamp like I would have a regular stamp.. wooohooo!!

As A gift to all our readers I'm giving you this Digital Stamp

If you use it on a creation using the Technique I did

I would love to see it.

We will showcase your creation on this blog.

Leave a Comment with your Link to your blog post.

The More the Merrier!!

So that's my ATC Card I have created for a Swap I'm

have entered in a Yahoo Group I am in called Altered Designs.


Mask Sheets Tim Holtz


  1. adorable! I will have to try that technique. I am not really good with digital stamps so maybe this will help. Oh, and I melted a mask yesterday with the embossing gun...LOL!

  2. Great ATC. I want your printer. I really like the technique in your last post too!..Donna

  3. ok, off topic but, where did you get the term "Gonga" from? Thought it was a word only used in my hometown........deanna

  4. loved your atc!!
    what printer do you have that does this size?
    thanks for the digi stamp..its fabulous!!!!

  5. Thank you for the pumpkin image? And thanks for the tutorial on digital stamping.


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