Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Papers with Jeanette....INK, Part One

INK, Part One

I can't be really technical with you about all of the inks on the
market today but I can share with you what I find interesting.

Recently, an article about ink in CardMaker Magazine caught my eye.
That is how I found out about a new type of ink that is on the market.
It is a hybrid ink.   Uhm?   How about you, have you ever heard of Hybrid Ink? 
If not, here is what I found out about it.

But, first lets have a little primer on our more familiar inks.

Dye Based Ink
Used in most basic stamping. Makes a nice sharp image and dries quickly.

Pigment Ink
Used in basic stamping but is thicker and slower to dry. Also, can be used for heat embossing.

Chalk Ink
This ink makes a softer image when stamped. Great to use for distressing. Very quick drying.

Solvent Ink
Used for stamping on acetate, glass, metal and glossy cardstock. Really quick drying.

Watermark Ink
This ink is colorless and when used leaves a tone on tone image when stamped on darker carkstock. Dries quickly.

Embossing Ink
Thick, clear and slow drying ink used for heat embossing. 

And, now we come to the Hybrid Ink. The newest type of ink available. This ink is a mix of dye based and pigment inks combined to replace the ink used in most of the applications listed above. It does need to be heat set on a nonporous surface and it dries too quickly to use for heat embossing.
This hybrid ink is manufactured by Stewart Superior and the product name is Palette.

The Palette Hybrid ink pad represents an innovation in stamping ink technology. It eliminates all the confusion over which ink to use for what surface - because it works on everything and is a non-solvent ink. It doesn’t smell bad , it’s nonflammable and it won’t immediately dry out. It dries instantly on paper and porous surfaces and requires a heat-set on glossy surfaces and fabrics.
from Stewart Superior

Here are the Palette colors. You will find all of these right here  in the OWSE shop.

I've just ordered some of the Palette inks to try.    As soon as I receive them and can play around with them...I will share my findings with you.  Stay tuned for INK, Part Two coming soon.

See our complete inventory of Inks, HERE, Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium.  Remember, if you don't see what you want....just ask.

Until next time....Jeanette




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