Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Technique Tuesday ~ Oil Pastel Crayons by Judy Cantrell

Technique Tuesday

This week I’ll share two techniques using oil pastels


Artists Oil Pastel Crayons

Light Color Card stock




Foam Brush


  1. Use a combination of two or more oil pastel crayons; apply these pastels to cover in a desired pattern over the light card stock.
  2. You will want this application rather thick.
  3. Use a foam brush to apply gesso over the oil pastel background.
  4. If your gesso is too thick, you can wet the foam brush with a little bit of water.
  5. Allow the gesso to dry thoroughly.
  6. Use a piece of medium grade sandpaper to lightly sand off some of the gesso.
  7. Note: You can sand in one direction and then another if desired.
  8. Add finishing touch to your project.

Technique No. 2
Artists Oil-Pastel Crayons
Adirondack Pearl Dabber Paint
Tim Holtz Cling Stamps
Archival Black Ink
You can find all of these supplies here:
oil crayon application
Finished Example using pearl dabber paint on pearl dabber paint.

 I came up with this technique using oil pastels back in April. I shared it on OWSE group and then a project over on my blog for Grungy Monday. The instructions are the same as the first technique with the except using Pearl Dabber paint, Archival Ink and I didn't sand this technique.
This is my first piece using this technique. I used Hearts in Touch Rubber Stamps on this example using Pearl Dabber paint on Oil Pastel Crayons.


  1. Such pretty samples. Gotta try this.

  2. I totally LOVE that last one. I've had a set of oil pastel crayons for years that I haven't touched. Maybe now I will. I actually took them out to use in my art journal the other day but didn't do anything with them yet.


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