Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Technique Tuesday


You can use these directions with any shape as long as each side is the same,

This is my own creation and directions.

Supply List

Glossy Card stock 10pt -12pt (cut into 4 pieces sizes to fit the rubber stamp of your choice)

Portable waterbrush (Niji)

Watercolor Crayons

Archival Sepia ink pad

Brayer (Speedball)

Ornament pattern (supplied)

Fine pointed gold gel pen

Glue & Spreading tool (Tongue Depressor)

Small Scissors (I use trimming scissors)

Four small bull dog clips

Thin gold fibers for hanger

Krylon leafing pen

Clear C-Thru Ruler

Scoring tool

Sharp scissors for cutting stencil plastic or use a Versa-Tool blade

Quilting plastic or clear plastic you can cut (found at your local fabric store)

Stamping Cleaner
Make the Ornament pattern using clear stencil, crafting plastic or use a die cut.
If you have a Versa-Tool and a piece of glass, the blade tool works well with a little practice.
The space grid is 1”

Step #1
For Ease in handling cut your 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of glossy cardstock in 4 pieces. Be sure your stamp is clean if you are using a photo type stamp. Brayer the stamp with sepia dye ink, stamp, clean, brayer with dye ink, then stamp again. Stamp 4 images. Heat set or let dry overnight.

Step #2

Use a waterbrush and watercolor crayons to paint your design either before or after cutting out the design.

Step #3
Take the pattern and place it over the stamped image you desire. You may have to
position the pattern template over the stamped image to see what you like best. With the
pattern placed over the stamped design, mark around edges with a fine tipped gold gel
pen. This is your guide line to cut-out. Don’t go past it because you will be lining this
piece up to another cut-out piece.

Step #4
Find the center of the stamped image. Use a clear ruler to score down the center with a
scoring tool.
Fold each piece at a90 degree angle. Glue two of these pieces together. Then glue the
next two pieces together. (Note: Be sure they are going the right direction) You may need
to use bulldogs to hold these pieces together until dry.

Step #5
On one of these pair apply glue down the center fold. Lay a thin knotted gold fiber down
the center. Let this dry.

Step #6

When dry, glue both pieces together. You will need four very small bull dogs to keep the points together until dry. Apply Krylon Leafing Pen around all the edges to finish.

Here is another version of my ornaments:

Click link below to view an ornament I made using a Spellbinders die, this one was made for Rubber Road Adventures.http://rubberroadadventures.ning.com/page/swirling-ornament

I hope you enjoyed seeing this technique! .


  1. Oh Judy they are awesome. Thank you for sharing this. Great work

  2. Just Stunning!! Got to try this for sure!!

  3. Really pretty, Judy...I like the dimension!


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