Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guest Artist ~ Kathy Nycz

Welcome  Kathy!

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Guest Artist

on Wednesday Women

Kathy Nycz

Flat gemstone bead
eyepin large enough to fit through bead and to make a loop
head pin large enough for a dangle bead and to make a loop
beads of choice
stringing wire
4 crimp beads
wire cutters, crimping tool
small stamp to fit on gemstone bead
pigment ink pad
embossing powder
heat tool
diamond glaze

Wipe the bead with a soft cloth to remove all dust and oils. Using pigment ink, stamp a small design on one side of the gemstone bead. Sprinkle with embossing powder and heat. Allow pendant to cool. The stone gets very hot so do not touch until cool. When cool, squirt on some Diamond Glaze and spread over stamped design and entire front of pendant. Let Dry.

Put a small bead on a headpin and make a loop. Open the loop on the eyepin, put on the dangle and close eyepin loop. Put on the stamped pendant and make a loop at the top. String a necklace with beads of choice.

Gemstone beads can be found on several on-line companies and at bead shows.
Kathy Nycz

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Thank you again for being our Guest Artist on Crafting with OWSE


  1. This is really awesome. Thank you for sharing.And being out guest artist.

  2. So pretty, Kathy, love the green/black color combination!

  3. Really Beautiful!! Thank you so much for being our Guest Artist this week.


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