Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Altered Cake Box

Have you ever thought to turn an entire box from your pantry into an album or journal cover, that is what I did using a angel food cake mix. When finished it will be 5 1/4" x 7 1/4" and spine 1 3/4." 

Supplies: Golden paints, Kraft paper 
You can find both of these products in club: http://ididitcreations.com/club/

Don't cut anything off, this will created a sturdy cover for your journal. Cut an additional piece of chipboard (box) and apply glue down the center, leaving space so the book with bend.
(See photo below, the white portion in spine is the additional piece)
Glue down all edges of box. 

Cut a piece of Kraft paper four inches larger than the size of your cover. Wad up the Kraft paper, smooth out, wad up again do this until the Kraft paper is soft, add a thin film of glue completely covering the kraft paper using an old gift card or credit card, adhere Kraft paper to box, trim corners, adhere extra to inside cover. Add another trimmed piece of Kraft paper to fit inside of book cover. Put something heavy on book cover until dry. 

After the Kraft paper has dried, it was ready to paint. I used Golden black paint on my Gelli plate to add a color on cover. And then I used a variety acrylic paints until I was happy with the results. I used a stencil with  the paint occasionally. I used my Gelli plate to paint the inside cover with the same paints after the cover was dry.

 I remembered Tim has the ring binder that would work for a quick journal, but it left holes with brads on spine, so I used three rows of black spine tape to cover up the brads.
If I do this again, I'll make the cover and then finish it with this tutorial I shared back in August 2011;

Thanks for looking and have a nice day! 


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  3. Awesome work Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. Judy, what a good idea! And it is so pretty!


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