Monday, July 15, 2013

Envelope Punch board

This is such a cool tool...I wanted to share this with you!

For those of you who may already have purchased this board from HSN...there were some errors on the first release in the envelope sizes. Here is a link to a video telling you how to obtain the correct sizes.

Here are some closeups for you!

You can purchase this at Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium...never pay retail again!

Envelope Punch Board


  1. one of these days after I figure out how to use or why I bought the big MS score board I will look into this envelope one - unless I can use that for envies too? I rarely score anything and when I do it is usually with my finger nail or a butter knife. LOL!

  2. Get your scoreboard out, is an awesome tool! And on the back of the MS scoreboard is an envelope guide. But it is confusing to me and this WeRMemory Keepers tool is so easy!!!

  3. I've been wondering what all the hub-bub was about on this thing. You made it look really simple.
    thanks for the tutorial!

  4. That is a easy envelope maker! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!


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