Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reviews from the Nest

Hi everyone, Robyn here... It's Sunday and we will be doing Product Reviews on Sundays to bring to you the truth about different products for Scrapbooking, Stamping, Altered Art and just Art in General..

The first review I want to bring to you is these wonderful Watercolor Pencils I found at our Distributor.. They are called Mondeluz Aquarelle Coloured Pencils.. Imported from the Czech Republic. I compared them to my Inktense Pencils and they are very comparable  to them.. Though the pigment is not as strong they blend wonderfully and do have a high pigment content...

They have a soft feel to them and when I tried to sharpen the one I had used it wasn't an easy job. I finally took a knife and sharpened that way and managed to get my point back.. Being that they are soft pencils blending is very easy and you can get rid of those harsh lines that sometimes come when using watercolor pencils.. I bought the set of 24.. They come 12, 24 and 36. I wish I had bought the 36 now that I have worked with them are they are not pricey like the Inktense watercolor pencils..

These pencils are wonderful for Art Journaling and creating those fabulous background we all love to create.. They also would be a great help when using your tube watercolors or pans. I think they also would make a great addition for those of you that work with PanPastels .. I use Panpastels when I'm creating my gals and in addition I add these pencils to my piece  and also watercolor crayons.

So in review I would highly recommend these Mondeluz Watercolor Crayons. We are having a special on them for the month of February .. Get an additional 10% of the set of 24.. Now that's a Gonga!  You can see them by clicking HERE

See you next week for another Product Reveiw



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