Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Technque Tuesday ~ Trash to Treasure

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!

By Judy Cantrell

Junk Advertisment

This is a technique using acrylic paints and

junk advertisment that would

otherwise be thrown away.


1.        Cut a piece of card stock or see note below 4 1/4” x 5 1/2.”
 1a. Place cardstock down on craft sheet.

Note: this can be any color of card stock or a stiff piece of advertisement that comes in the mail that would otherwise be thrown in the trash. My sample was made with junk mail I got this week trying to sell me a hearing aid.  

2.        Use brayer to apply coordinating colors of acrylic paint on card stock/junk advertisment. The first color is transulent. Let dry before applying the second color. The second color was opaque. If you look close you can see the advertisment. When finished it is invisible.

3.            Pour out a small amount of gesso out on a throw away piece of    plastic. Use a dry brush to apply a little bit of white gesso on painted panel.
       3a. Trim piece 4" x 5 1/4"

4.        Stamp frame with coordinating acrylic paint on matte coated white card stock. Trim frame but leave a narrow white boarder around stamped frame panel. Stamp flower image in center of frame with back ink.

5.        Cut and apply to trimmed black card stock.

6.        Apply frame panel to painted background panel.

7.        Use black permanent ink to stamp sentiment.

8.        Apply painted panel to a 4 ¼” x 5 1/2” black folder card stock.


White Card stock

Craft sheet

Craft brush



Black card stock

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  1. What a great idea Judy! I'm always throwing those ads away....

  2. I always throw them away too.. Never thought to use them.. Great idea!!

  3. Great card and fun technique. I posted mine on my blog: http://lacyquilter.blogspot.com/2011/09/more-recycling.html


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