Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wednesday Women

Let's give a warm welcome to Rhea Freitag as out Guest Artist on Wednesday Women!!
 Rhea is sharing a tutorial
 Craft Foil Embossing Technique with Gesso!
As our Guest Artist Rhea can place this logo on her blog!

Here is Rhea's tutorial!
I wanted to play with my art supplies today and thought I would share with you a little bit of my exploration.  I am facinated with metal.  There are many craft foils now on the market, both Spellbinders and Ranger have nice options and they also have sticky backs for easy adhesion. 

I started my creative process by embossing my foil with my Big Shot.  I embossed a few, as I planned to experiment a bit with my materials. 

Next, I gave each sheet a nice coat of Gesso.  I love Ultrecht as it is super thick and provides great texture, but any brand will do.  Be sure to let this layer dry completely.  You can cheat with a heat gun, but be super careful, gesso will bubble very easly!

Now it was time to play.  I added color to each of my pieces with stains, distress inks as well as alcohol inks. 

Then comes the fun part sanding.  This gesso was really thick, so I had to use some elbow grease to get the metal to show through again. 

I was so excited about the results, that apparently I forgot to photograph the three finished piececs!  Sorry folks.  I did have one scrap to photograph.  Even though I brought it up to daylight, it is still hard to see the wonderful texture. 
The birdcage is cut from the brown gear sheet using Tim Holtz’s Birdcage die.  The background is the swirls that were colored with stains.  I added depth to the background sheet with a bit of rub and buff before I adhered it to a coaster.  The bird was cut from the script sheet.  I added a bit more ink as well as some patina to make the letters stand out more and give it a bit more contrast.  Lots of little embellishments finish out this nice little altered art piece.  

Here you can see the texture I created a lot better.  I love how when it is sanded down, sometimes it reveals the gesso and sometimes the metal.  I hope this post inspires you to get out your materials and experiment a bit. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Technique Tuesday ~

This is a technique I came up with using Watercolor Crayons and Alcohol Inks. 
This is my Technique Tuesday.
The card below was published in Rubber Stamp Madness ~
Spring Issue 171 pages 18 and 19 in 2011.
 I used Posh Impressions stamp
but many silhouette type stamp will work with this technique.

by Judy Cantrell

Stamp:  Pear Stamp
Acrylic mounting block
Adirondack Alcohol inks; Red Pepper, Butterscotch
Alcohol Felt Applicator
Craft sheet

White kromekote 2000 IS Cover glossy cardstock 10 pt.

StazOn black by Tsukineko (semi-dry pad)

StazOn all purpose cleaner

Lyra watercolor crayons
Niji portable waterbrush
Small sharp scissors
Page from book

Watercolor scrap piece of paper

Black and green cardstock

You will find many of these supplies here: http://ididitcreations.com/club/


1. Place ¼ sheet of glossy cardstock down on craft sheet. Add two small squirts of red pepper and two small squirts of butterscotch onto felt applicator. Use applicator tool to apply the inks to the glossy cardstock as in first photo. The focus is to get light areas in center of inked piece.
Sample #1
2. Apply cling-mount pear stamp to acrylic block.

3. Ink pear stamp with StazOn black ink pad, starting on left of alcohol inked piece, stamp pear image, clean with StazOn cleaner after each inking to prevent a dark stamped image. You will get three images from one 4 1/4" x 5 /12" alcohol inked piece.
Note: This project was made with a semi-dry StazOn black ink
Sample #2
Water coloring pears:
1. Use a waterbrush with watercolor crayons to color the pear, leaf and stems. Let dry and then apply another layer to get a deeper color. Red, yellow, green and brown watercolor were used on the pears. Set aside to dry.  

2. Cut out pear images, cut off one of the leaves.
Sample #3
3. To give more depth, paint cut edges with green watercolor on green leaves, red on edge of pear and brown to stems.
4. Tear page from book.
5. Tear scrap of paper that has been tinted with watercolor crayons.

6. Adhere torn paper, watercolor paper and the three pears to trimmed black cardstock.
7. Adhere to folded green cardstock to finish.

Artwork and instructions by Judy Cantrell

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fairy Song Decorative Clock

Fairy Song Decorative Clock

By Judy Cantrell

The moment I saw this tin at my hobby store I knew it would be perfect for this clock. This tin would make a perfect place to stash your valuables.


Stamps (Faerie Song Art Stamps)

 Kyra FSVW-2K

 Bryony FSVW-2B

 Mushroom Trio FSVW-1MT

 Heart Flowers FSVW-3HF

 Butterfly Trio FS-8bt

 Daisy Face FS-9d1

Watercolor crayons (Lyra)

Twinkling H20’s (LuminArt, Inc)

Memento Dye ink pad (Tsukineko)

Rich Cocoa

StazOn Solvent ink pad (Tsukineko)

Timber Brown

Swirl Glitter Glue (Sulyn)

 Berry Sweet

 Sydney’s Best

Big Glitz Glitter Glue (Sulyn)

 Sparkling Ice

Decorative Tin (Hobby Lobby)

¼” Clock Works Kit (Crafts etc!)

White cardstock (my own)

3 ¾” Precision Blade Scissors)

5/16” bit with Drill

Wire Cutting Tool (Fiskars)

Ruler (my own)

Portable waterbrush (Niji)

01mm Millennium pigment pen (ZIG)

Unbleached Titanium Gesso (Liquitex)

2.5” create-a-sticker (Xyron)

Craft foam brush (Hobby Lobby)

Mist Water Sprayer (Chroma, Inc.)

No. 6 Scheewe Round brush (Martin/F. Weber)

Sandpaper (my own)

Many of these supplies can be found in club: http://ididitcreations.com/club/


Note: Before beginning find center of tin, fill tin with old telephone books or anything of no value to give the tin a rigid area for drilling. Drill a 5/16” hole in center mark. Remove papers or old books before proceeding.
1. Sand design from tin. Remove any burs from the drilled hole with wire cutting tool. Apply three coats of Unbleached Titanium Gesso on the tin to cover the design. Allow to dry between coats.

2. Stamp “Heart Flowers” with timber brown across the bottom of tin and the “Butterfly Trio” twice on the top of tin. Allow to dry before proceeding.
3. Activate H20’s with a fine mist of water, use watercolor brush and H20’s to apply color to “Butterfly Trio” and “Heart Flowers”. When dry, add Sydney’s Best and Berry Sweet Glitter Glues to butterflies and Berry Sweet Glitter Glue to heart flower tops. 

4. Stamp an extra butterfly with rich cocoa on white card stock, color with H20’s, let dry. Add glitter glue to butterfly and then cut out and apply to tin. Add antennas to the butterfly with black pigment ink pen. 
5. Stamp and watercolor “Daisy” on white card stock. Cut-out and adhere flower to handle. Apply glitter glue to daisy.

6. Stamp “Kyra” and “Bryony” with rich cocoa ink. Let dry completely. Watercolor both images, cut away all white areas with sharp precision scissors, add adhesive and then adhere the fairies to the tin.
7. Add Big Glitz Sparkling Ice glitter glue to wings of both fairies.

Close up of Fairies

8. Add Berry Sweet Swirl Glitter Glue to hearts on the “Kyra” fairy.

9. Stamp one of the “Mushrooms” on white card stock. Paint with H20’s. Cut out and then adhere next to “Bryony” fairy. Apply Berry Sweet glitter glue on mushroom.

10. Add battery to clock works; instructions will be on the package if you need how to apply the hands and second hand.
11. I enjoyed making this tin to share with you. This gift is going to my daughter. She has fairies throughout her Victorian home.
Thanks for looking! This is something I made for RRA ezine in 2009. Hope you enjoy seeing how it is made.
Judy Cantrell

Friday, January 13, 2012

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal - Altering a Journal Cover

I've been into Art Journaling for awhile now and I am totally obsessed with it. I love making a mess with paints, inks, stamping and ohh so much more messy stuff!!

Every time I get a new Journal I wait a little bit to alter the cover. I have to get a feel for the Journal. In some Journals I have just pictures, others my Whimsy gals and another could be a hodge podge. Sort of like a smash journal..

Well anywho I altered the cover of a Journal where most of my Whimsy Gals are..

To start off I put a Layer of Gesso down. To tell the truth at first I didn't and I had to undo all I had tried to do and start all over again by laying that Gesso down.. So don't do as I did and get that first layer of Gesso down..

Once that dried I took some Tissue paper that I had crumbled up and covered the Journal with it.. I used Modge Podge to cover with but you can also use Mat Medium, or Decoupage Finish. I always keep these three adhesives on hand..

Okay I'm dry now so what  should I do next? It's all about the layers. Layer , Layer and more Layers

So next I took some Blue Claudine Helmuth paint and painted over the tissue paper. I used a semi dry brush to do this. It picked up all the crinkles of the Tissue Paper.. How cool was that!! Once again I wait for drying.

Now for my next layer I took my brayer and with a mixture of pink and wite paint. I brayered. A little tip about brayering is I put the paint on a piece of paper and roll my brayer into it. Now when I'm going to brayer my substrate it's semi dry and you don't get all the paint in one area and not the other. This gives it a good grungy type look..

Drying time again and next I'm going to stamp.. Get out a few focal point stamps like my flowers on the bottom and some stamps that are background type like stamps with text or music notes on them. In this case I stamped and then using acyrlic paint I colored in my flowers and did a little doodling on them..

Okay time for another layer of paint.. but I'm not going to use a paint brush. I'm going to get some bubble wrap and put some paint on that.. and do to town putting this pattern all over..

 nuther little tip.. It's more pleasing to the eye to use odd numbers.. meaning I used the bubble wrap 7 times.... I don't know why it's more pleasing to the eye. It just is.. The same goes when your using bits of paper or anything your gluing down for a background. Use odd numbers..

Now once this dries I took a toilet paper roll. empty of coarse and coated the top with paint and used it as a stamp. I also took some punchinella and with some paint used that all over.. again with the odd numbers.. I stamped with ink and paint all over randomly little background stamps with letters, numbers and some little flowers..

I was finally done with my cover!! Now I had to decorate it . I chose to create this gal with no face. but you could die cut say a large butterfly, or put a picture of yourself on  the cover. maybe add some lace. Just anything you want as your main subject. After I created my gal I grabbed this fabric sentiment and glued it on. The end!!

So that's my story of the Altered Journal Cover..

All my products were bought at Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium except the "Be Yourself" saying. That has been in my stash for years. LOL

Hey!! Thanks for looking and be watching next week for more Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Technique Tuesday Update

Ellie asked in comments: Beautiful colors! I am very curious whether it would turn out the same when you start on white CS?!
This morning I made sample #1 using white cardstock as the base of the tag. Compare the colors using white or blue cardstock with the same colors of pearlescent paint, gesso, inks.
Sample #1
Sample #2 
        This is my sample using blue scrapbook paper, paints, gesso and inks before adding the heirloom gold mist.

 Example #3
This is the sample using Heirloom Gold mist published Jan 10, 2012.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Technique Tuesday by Judy

It all started with double sided designer paper.

Example #1
 Dry brush Liqutex iridescent pearlescent paint over the blue scrapbook paper.
 White gesso over the iridescent paint. This was done with a hit and miss technique with semi-dry brush of white gesso. Let dry.
 Apply Distress Gathered Twig ink over the gesso, with a foam ink blending tool, then spray with water and heat set to dry.
 Apply Distress Ripe Persimmon ink over the gathered twig inked piece with a foam ink blending tool, then spray with water and heat set to dry.
 Apply Distress Aged Mahogany ink with a foam ink blending tool, then spray with water and heat set to dry.
   I love the results of this and would never dream it all started as blue scrapbook paper if I hadn't done it myself.
(the color has not be enhanced)
Example #2

Example #3

In example #3; I sprayed Perfect Pearls Mist Heirloom Gold over example #2 tag and then heat set to dry.

The possibilities are endless what you can do with your stamping supplies!
Do you love to play with ink and paper?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal - ATC Card

Hey everyone Happy New Year.. I'm going to show you all how I created this cute ATC Card.. It's for a Winter Theme..

First I did Tim Holtz's Direct to paper on an ATC Card which is 2 1/2 by 3 1/2.. using his new color Iced Spruce . Let this dry good. Then I stamped the trees. The Trees are from the Set Mini Holidays by Tim Holtz. I stamped the bough also on the top right. I edged the card with the Iced Spruce heavily. After these dried I applied Rock Candy Stickles over the entire card. .. This takes a Long Time to dry. I die cut the little house which is the "Townscape" Die once again by Timmy.. 

Then I cut it to size of the ATC Card and went to town coloring with a water brush and Distress Inks of assorted colors.  Once that was dried I applied the snow using the "Snow Writer"..  Now I had to wait for the snow to dry .. I had a friend over while I was doing this so we talked and talked and finally everything was dry.. I assembled my card and now it sits waiting to be sent to some gal in this swap I'm in.. This is a great little ATC Card for a Winter Theme. 

All the products I used came from Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium. 

Have fun Creating!! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Technique Tuesday ~ Exploring Art Materials

For my Technique Tuesday I would like to share with you what I discovered from viewing; Exploring Art Materials: How to get more from what you already have. While I have never been in a class with MaryJo McGraw, this DVD is like getting a front row seat as she teaches how to do each projects.
MaryJo takes the mystery out of eight products and demonstrates different ways to use fine art supplies that you may have in your stash. Here is a list of materials that you will learn how to use:
Gel & Glazing Mediums
Gesso, Acrylic Paints
Glues, Wax & Polish
Dry Masking, Pigments
MaryJo shows seven projects and lots of variations are shown in a Mini Gallery after each project.

This is a list of the projects she demonstrates.
Again Affects
Faux Burl Wood
Coasters Makeover
Textured Tissue Box
Alerted Book Cover
Veiled Illusions
Creative Layers
MaryJo's finale piece is a combination of all the projects shown on this DVD. I was in awe when I first saw this project she calls; "Creative Layers."

While MaryJo uses a vintage photo in her project, I used a photo copy of my mother and my youngest brother. This is my example:

MaryJo shares more than 50 wonderful photographs of her artwork on this DVD. When you see a project, you can jump directly to the technique or project that inspires you with a touch of the button. I really like how you can stop and start as many times as you like.