Friday, January 13, 2012

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal - Altering a Journal Cover

I've been into Art Journaling for awhile now and I am totally obsessed with it. I love making a mess with paints, inks, stamping and ohh so much more messy stuff!!

Every time I get a new Journal I wait a little bit to alter the cover. I have to get a feel for the Journal. In some Journals I have just pictures, others my Whimsy gals and another could be a hodge podge. Sort of like a smash journal..

Well anywho I altered the cover of a Journal where most of my Whimsy Gals are..

To start off I put a Layer of Gesso down. To tell the truth at first I didn't and I had to undo all I had tried to do and start all over again by laying that Gesso down.. So don't do as I did and get that first layer of Gesso down..

Once that dried I took some Tissue paper that I had crumbled up and covered the Journal with it.. I used Modge Podge to cover with but you can also use Mat Medium, or Decoupage Finish. I always keep these three adhesives on hand..

Okay I'm dry now so what  should I do next? It's all about the layers. Layer , Layer and more Layers

So next I took some Blue Claudine Helmuth paint and painted over the tissue paper. I used a semi dry brush to do this. It picked up all the crinkles of the Tissue Paper.. How cool was that!! Once again I wait for drying.

Now for my next layer I took my brayer and with a mixture of pink and wite paint. I brayered. A little tip about brayering is I put the paint on a piece of paper and roll my brayer into it. Now when I'm going to brayer my substrate it's semi dry and you don't get all the paint in one area and not the other. This gives it a good grungy type look..

Drying time again and next I'm going to stamp.. Get out a few focal point stamps like my flowers on the bottom and some stamps that are background type like stamps with text or music notes on them. In this case I stamped and then using acyrlic paint I colored in my flowers and did a little doodling on them..

Okay time for another layer of paint.. but I'm not going to use a paint brush. I'm going to get some bubble wrap and put some paint on that.. and do to town putting this pattern all over..

 nuther little tip.. It's more pleasing to the eye to use odd numbers.. meaning I used the bubble wrap 7 times.... I don't know why it's more pleasing to the eye. It just is.. The same goes when your using bits of paper or anything your gluing down for a background. Use odd numbers..

Now once this dries I took a toilet paper roll. empty of coarse and coated the top with paint and used it as a stamp. I also took some punchinella and with some paint used that all over.. again with the odd numbers.. I stamped with ink and paint all over randomly little background stamps with letters, numbers and some little flowers..

I was finally done with my cover!! Now I had to decorate it . I chose to create this gal with no face. but you could die cut say a large butterfly, or put a picture of yourself on  the cover. maybe add some lace. Just anything you want as your main subject. After I created my gal I grabbed this fabric sentiment and glued it on. The end!!

So that's my story of the Altered Journal Cover..

All my products were bought at Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium except the "Be Yourself" saying. That has been in my stash for years. LOL

Hey!! Thanks for looking and be watching next week for more Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal..

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Netty said...

Beautiful page. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x