Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Women

Welcome to Wednesday Women!
Featuring a Guest Designer with her project and tutorial.

Our first featured artist is Gurkiss; her tutorial comes all the way from Sweden.

Gurkiss this is your Guest Artist logo to add to your blog

 Since 2004 she has been constantly learning new things and working with new materials. Gurkiss is a 28 yr. old, she has two daughters, a wonderful partner and four cats.
She says; Scrapping is peace and harmony for my soul.
Gurkiss has a passion for scrapping, sewing and wood projects.
She is also a member of "I did it Creations" Design Team.  

This is Gurkiss fabulous Book Box!

Products used in this tutorial:

                                                                             Card Stock

    Bone Folder
   Acrylic Paint

Aluminum Foil/ Aluminum Foil Tape

Things to decorate

US approx. measurements 2 pieces 4” x 6”with center piece 1  1/8” x 6”
Gurkiss says to trim the cardboard to these measurements.
She cut card stock slightly larger than cardboard.
She quotes that the color of cardstock plays no role because it will be covered.
Glue card stock to cardboard leaving an even amount of space as shown in photo.

Cut corners, fold edges in and glue.

Front cover

Gurkiss says; one need not think about colors or anything like that.
She covered the book cover with aluminum tape and presses down with a bone folder.  Aluminum tape was broken a little bit around the letters but it does not matter because it is not visible.

Paint with acrylic paint or rustic color. Dab on paint of your choice. If you want more color paint again and dab with paper towels.

It will look like this when finished.

She adds a box; then applies to inside of cover.

View more tutorials on her blog:
Publishers note: Some words have been changed in English.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alcohol Ink Agate on Grunge

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!
By Judy Cantrell
This week my technique is from Compendium of Curiosities
Page 53 ~ Alcohol Ink Agate on Grunge
Adirondack Dabber Metallic Paint [Pearl]
Adirondack Alcohol inks
(Eggplant, Terra Cotta, Butterscotch)
Ink Applicator Tool (Felt)
Metallic Mixative Alcohol ink [Gold]
Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution
Ranger non-stick Craft Sheet
Movers & Shapers BaroqueDie
Die –cutting tool
Archival Ink pad
Heat Tool


     1.  Place non-stick craft sheet down on work table.
  1. Paint your Grungeboard die cut with Pearl dabber paint.
  2. Let dry completely.
    Note: You can use this technique on fabric or wood.
  1. Apply several colors of alcohol ink onto ink felt applicator; Shake Metallic Mixative and then add one drop to the applicator tool.
  2. Use the inked applicator tool to paint onto the painted grunge-board.
  3. Apply Blending Solution onto the ink felt applicator tool and stamp onto the painted and inked background. This will blend and move the colors around.
  4. Once your background is dry you can stamp an image with Archival Ink and then heat set to dry.

This is a finished piece I made using this technique; alcohol ink agate on grungeboard: 

Come back soon!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Papers with Jeanette

Welcome to the first edition of my 
Sunday Papers with Jeanette.
I love curling up in my comfy chair with a
fresh cup of coffee and the Sunday newspaper.
I'm also be addicted to designer papers.  I have
some that I haven't even used.  But, use them or not, I 
love them.  

What I'm going to show you today is one of my favorite
ways to use designer paper.  

Stamps Not Required

I'm using paper from Graphic 45
Steampunk Debutante
Turns out I didn't use the floral.
But, wait I used more things.

 See the small empty area?  That is where I worked on my piece.
First, I come up with a design.
Then I gathered up every thing that I might use.
Some gets used...some doesn't.
I hate to jump up and down once I get started.

I started by cutting around the large face on one of the sheets
of paper.  Next came smaller versions of the same face.
I found an arrangement that pleased me.  I eventually
added these with pop dots for a little dimension.
Next I put together lace, feathers and a butterfly pin
for the corner embellishment.
The lace I was using turned out to be too white.  I tinted it
by dunking it in coffee for a few minutes.  It is a much better
color now.  The sprockets or gears, or whatever they're called,
have amber acrylic dots in the center of each.  There are
smaller ones added on the base piece of designer paper.
Oh, you want to see the finished piece.  OK,
here you go....I call it
Softer Side of Steampunk.

Here is another that I did quite some time ago.  
This one I call Vintage Closet.

I started with ivory card stock to make the card.
I added all of my cut pieces from the designer 
paper to a panel of ivory card stock.
Embellished with flowers, lace and pearls.
The panel is outlined with gold gel pen.

Supply List
I've linked you directly to the OWSE shop page for each item
that we carry.
And, to a substitute is we don't carry the exact item.
If you would like to purchase any of the supplies...
we've made it very easy for you.


Softer Side of Steampunk

Distress Ink - Ranger, Old Paper
Sprocket/Gears -  Tim Holtz, Advantus
Multi Color Rhinestones - Craft Designer
(substitute for amber acrylic dots)
Feathers - Local Craft Store
Butterfly Pin and Lace - Yard Sale find

Vintage Closet

 Ivory Card Stock - French Vanilla 5" x 7" 
Designer Paper - Unknown
Flowers -  Petaloo Petite Roses 
(Substitute Packs of different colors)
(substitute for pearls)

I hope you enjoyed 
Stamps Not Required.
Join me next week for another edition of
Sunday Papers with Jeanette


Friday, August 26, 2011

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal

Hey Everyone it's Outlaw Gal here better known as Robyn one of the owners of Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium.. I was given this name Outlaw Gal many years ago when I first started to use a computer. I'm going to go back to it.. It's fit me!! LOL

Well it's Friday and I'm going to showcase one of my Pieces for you and give a little tutorial.. Why is it Felonious Friday you ask? Beacause it's a Crime that I don't and you don't have every product on the market that we all want!! That we are obsessed and addicted to our Art and even though that's not a crime it should be!! why you ask because it feels too good when we are making art!! anything that feels that good should be a crime!! ROFL!!

Okay on with the showcase..

I created this piece with Wendy Vecchi in mind. She has some wonderful stamps and I am in love with her Art Parts. I also just got her Book "Make Art" #2 and am loving all the samples that are in it with complete instructions. We have #3 for sale at OWSE, #2 is sold out.

The Supply List for this Piece is on the bottom of this Tutorial

I started off with a plain #8 Tag Manila

I got my Background stamp out from Tim Holtz's


Using Versamark I inked up the stamp..

I tend to use a lot of ink.. Heavy Handed Gal I am I am

Once It was stamped I poured some Clear Embossing Powder on it

then Heat Embossed..

Okay let cool and have a swig of Ice Tea

I put it in me trusty misting box

and took out my

Vintage Photo Distress Stain.. not ink but Stain

and went over key areas of the stamping with it.. Once that was done

I used Glimmer Mist and sprayed two different blues..

I kept away at first from the brown area's

I wasn't heavy handed with this as I knew I didn't want it to run too much


but once I had my colors on it I dabbed some more brown in the same brown area's

sprayed more glimmer mist and let it run all over the place!!

Then I went downstairs to clean the house.

why because you can't heat set this.. can't can't can't.. it won't come out right..

what you need to do is let it air dry really good.

The ink and the glimmer mist act as a resist on the embossing and come out

sooooo cool!!

so I cleaned the house and took the dogs out and waited

once it was dry I said to myself

self what cha want to do now??

ahhhhh a Wendy Vecchi Art Part would look cool!!

I used her "Florals"

These come unpainted just really neat paperboard surfaces.

I thought to meself again. should I gesso this first since I want to paint it with


The answer is yes , you should. because I tried without and it didn't look good

So I gesso'd away..

wait for that to dry and I painted the flower part with acrylic paints

and sprayed the stem with some Glimmer Mist.. Keeping the two separate wasn't

fun. I put a cloth over the dried flower petal part and tried not to let any get in.

It looked unfinished when it was all dry

and I'm such a glitzy gal I wanted some sparkle.

Grabbing my Diamond Dust, Versa Mark, Stamp n Bond and my heat gun

I went to town using these products.

First you schmutz the Versa Mark all over, then pour Stamp N Bond on it

Heat this as if you were embossing..

hurry up and pour some of that Diamond Dust on it and let cool

Voila it sparkles soooooo good!!

I stamped the little Sentiment from a Wendy Vecchi stamp

from the set

Natures Art

Then I took a Fragment from Tim Holtz

and did his wonderful Technique of using packing tape and creating

a transfer.. The bird and background were from scraps I had..

Want to know how to do this Technique click here..

He will tell you how to work with Fragments.

He is just too Cool!!

anywho I got that done and put it all together with some hot glue, a brad and pop dots
for the sentiment..

of coarse I had to add some cool fibers..

I'm all done!!

What I wanted to show you really was this background technique and working with

Diamond Dust..

Here is a close up picture of the Flower

I love using Diamond Dust on the edge of tags and ATC cards.

Just take some glue and go around the edge with a thin paint brush and sprinkle the
Diamond Dust on and you got it down town!!

Okay that's it for me I have to go feed me dogs

I have two St. Bernards and a Mutt name Jake..

OHHHH I forgot!!

I was told not to do any challenges or contests!! right!!


I tell ya what if anyone does this background technique or uses Diamond Dust on a piece

leaves a comment with your blog link

I will pick one person to win a prize!!

shhhhh don't tell Jeanette or Sharon!

One entry will be picked at Random..

You have one week until my next Felonious Friday

to get this done..

Signing off now

Outlaw Gal

Product List

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happenings at Crafting with OWSE

There are Changes in the Air here at Crafting with OWSE!!
Be Watching for them!!
On Tuesdays Judy is going to be bringing us her Techniques Tuesday!! Learn a new Technique each week!!
On Wednesday's we will bring you "Wednesday Women" !
There will be a guest designer each week with a new Project and Tutorial!
You don't want to miss this!!
Come on Friday's when Outlaw Gal gives us "Felonious Friday" !
There will be a new creation each week with Outlaw Gal showing us "How to"
Come Sunday Jeanette takes over the Blog with her Beautiful Creations to show off ..
All this each week and more!! Catch a Contest or Challenge.
You never know when there is going to be some kind of give away from OWSE!
Become a Follower and never miss a day!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Technique Tuesday

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!

By Judy Cantrell

This week’s technique was from Compendium of Curiosities

Page 52 ~ Alcohol Ink Splatter

 The two sample alcohol ink splatter pieces are the same;
This one is inked with Archival Black Ink.


Adirondack Alcohol inks [Brights]
Metallic Mixative Alcohol ink [gold]

Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution
Ranger Craft Sheet
Glossy paper
Archival Ink pad

Dust Remover [can of air]


      1.   Place non-stick craft sheet down on work table.

  1. Drip a few drops of alcohol ink on a piece of glossy card stock.
  Designer’s Note: Use Ranger glossy paper with this technique. Regular glossy for your printer will not work well.
  1. While the ink is still wet, spray can of air with short burst to get a splatter look.
  2. Keep repeating additional colors and blast each color with can of air. At this point you have to decide when enough is enough.
Designer’s Note:  If you don’t have a can of air you can blow through a small drinking straw.  

  1. Shake Metallic Mixative until you hear the bead roll around inside the bottle and set aside.
  2. Drip 3 or 4 drops of blending solution onto the alcohol inked piece. Add one drop of Metallic Mixative into the wet blending solution and then blast with air.
Designer’s Note: For best results use black Archival ink to stamp an image on your alcohol inked piece. Heat set to dry.

The splatter technique is endless; you can use it on glossy paper, dominos, buttons, CDs and so forth. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Altering Bottle Caps

Lucy is off for a few days but she left this fabulous Altering Bottle Caps tutorial for me to post.  

Just take a look at the finished project

This takes Steampunk to a whole new level.

Now, for Lucy's tutorial

I love creating little pieces of beauty with bottle caps. They are so easy to use and you can create pretty much anything with it.

The supplies you need:
Bottle Caps
Diamond Glaze
1 inch circle punch
Scrap of pattered paper or cardstock
Small pieces to add to the bottle cap like rhinestones, glitter or trinkets
Bottle Cap images

All of these supplies are available at

Step 1: Gather your supplies

Step 2: Decide on the pieces you will be using in the bottle cap then cut it out with the circle punch

Step 3: Add some diamond glaze to hold down the image or patterned paper then add a good amount of diamond glaze on top

Step 4: Add your rhinestones, glitter or trinkets into the bottle cap; Let it dry for 24 hours

Step 5: Then you are ready to add it to a card, ATC, layout or create a beautiful piece of jewelry with it

Here are some are examples I have made with the bottle caps:

sample 1
sample 2

sample 3

sample 4
 Tip #1: To flatten the bottle cap is use a runner mallet on crown side up. I do mine at home on my concrete garage floor. Give the caps a couple of light taps with a rubber mallet. This is just to get them started—we’ll do the real smashing on the flip side. Do not try this with a hammer, or you’ll end up with deformed bottle caps. A mallet will distribute the pressure evenly. Flip the caps over and place them on your work surface crown side down. Beat them with the mallet like you mean it. With a little practice, this takes two or three good whacks. The outer edge of the cap with roll outward, and you’ll end up with a lovely round metal embellishment that looks nothing like a bottle cap.

Tip #2: You can also you a die cut machine like a BigKick, or a Cuttlebug. First place your bottle caps flat side down on the thick white A mat. Place a Cuttlebug die metal side down on top of them. Place your clear B mat on top, and put it through 
the Cuttlebug.

Enjoy and have fun 


Bottle Cap, Inc
1" Circle Punch