Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Women

Welcome to Wednesday Women!
Featuring a Guest Designer with her project and tutorial.

Our first featured artist is Gurkiss; her tutorial comes all the way from Sweden.

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 Since 2004 she has been constantly learning new things and working with new materials. Gurkiss is a 28 yr. old, she has two daughters, a wonderful partner and four cats.
She says; Scrapping is peace and harmony for my soul.
Gurkiss has a passion for scrapping, sewing and wood projects.
She is also a member of "I did it Creations" Design Team.  

This is Gurkiss fabulous Book Box!

Products used in this tutorial:

                                                                             Card Stock

    Bone Folder
   Acrylic Paint

Aluminum Foil/ Aluminum Foil Tape

Things to decorate

US approx. measurements 2 pieces 4” x 6”with center piece 1  1/8” x 6”
Gurkiss says to trim the cardboard to these measurements.
She cut card stock slightly larger than cardboard.
She quotes that the color of cardstock plays no role because it will be covered.
Glue card stock to cardboard leaving an even amount of space as shown in photo.

Cut corners, fold edges in and glue.

Front cover

Gurkiss says; one need not think about colors or anything like that.
She covered the book cover with aluminum tape and presses down with a bone folder.  Aluminum tape was broken a little bit around the letters but it does not matter because it is not visible.

Paint with acrylic paint or rustic color. Dab on paint of your choice. If you want more color paint again and dab with paper towels.

It will look like this when finished.

She adds a box; then applies to inside of cover.

View more tutorials on her blog:
Publishers note: Some words have been changed in English.

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donna said...

Great tutorial and wonderful piece.