Thursday, August 30, 2018

This is something I made recently

I've been crafting since childhood, making stuffed dolls and animals from early 70's and stamping since the early 90's. I've been published on paper magazines many times but nothing recently because I haven't tried.
In 2004, I was asked to join SSReflections online magazine, I purchased some of the books and DVDs while others were supplied for me to do book and DVD reviews.
Some of the supplies were furnished to do monthly samples from each team member.
After SSReflections closed 2009, I joined Rubber Road Adventures where I did projects for online and major companies in industry. When they closed I didn't join another online magazine.
Although I have been a design team member for several stamp companies.

Moving on....
A couple weeks ago I saw someone show a project on Facebook. The comment was made; "you had to go to her class to see how she made the booklet"
Now, this is where it comes to my mind, I know that I've made that booklet in the past or something very similar to it. And then it came to me it's similar to a star book I made years ago. 
I won't be showing how I made this booklet but will show the first two pages. I have four pages but this will be the only one I will share for now. Small tags come out through the top of each page.
Oh, by the way, this was made this past week!