Saturday, September 22, 2018

Handmade Bears

While recouping from pacemaker and other health issues I made a lot of felt bears. Most of these bears have gone to family near and far. These bears are 5 inches tall if they could stand up. To make these tiny bears I have to use magnifying glasses because I can't see the stitches without them. 

The graduate bear (below) was made for one of our granddaughters that graduated from her two year college this year.
The last bear (below) I hand-stiched a dress and a made a red felt bow with white curls in her hair. I made this bear for my 92 year old mother. 
It takes me 6-8 hours to cut-out and hand-stitch one bear and longer if I make hand stitched clothing.

The bears I made were blue, red, purple, burgundy, grey, beige, teal, cream, medium brown and dark brown. 

Update: It's now August 10, I finished my last bear (No. 25) to give to my husband he wanted a blue bear and then I shipped out two bears one to Arkansas and and one to Wyoming. They were just like the bear below.