Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Feature - no turkeys allowed

Hello, friends.  Melody here with another Friday Feature.  A year ago, Tim Holtz posted a tutorial on his blog for making turkeys from his rosette dies.  At the time, I didn't own any of the rosette dies.  But I absolutely adored his turkeys and knew that I wanted to make some, so that meant I needed to purchase those dies.  Well, I now have both of Tim's rosette dies, but I still haven't made any turkeys. 

Thinking about perhaps making some turkeys for the Thanksgiving table this year, I suddenly got the idea that I could use the same technique, but make a peacock instead.  I checked the internet for a picture of a peacock, so I'd get at least some of the features recognizable, and proceeded to make a peacock.  I followed Tim's instructions, using some blue and turquoise papers and sponging on some brilliant blue and pacific point ink. Since his template for the turkey head has parts that distinguish it as a turkey, I trimmed those off, and then used a copic marker to color it blue.  I could have used blue card stock, but that would have meant tracing and cutting a second head (lazy). 

I wasn't sure what to use for the tail feathers, but again wanted something that would be fairly quick and easy.  I decided to try one of the flowers from the tattered flowers die.  I cut three, not knowing how many 'feathers' I would need.  I sponged around the edges with pacific point ink.  For the dots, I pulled out a new pencil and used the eraser as a stamp.  Then I cut all the petals off the flowers.  On the end that would be glued, I squeezed the sides together so they could conform to the shape of the folds on the rosette, and then glued one feather to each of the outside folds.  Perfect peacock feathers!

I was so excited that it actually turned out like what I had in mind!  That doesn't happen too often.  One change I might make, if I make another one, would be to add another row of feathers attached to the middle rosette, but since I already had that part all glued together, it would have been difficult to insert the feathers between the rosettes, so I opted to leave it with just a single row.  It's possible that a second row of feathers is too much.  At this point, I just don't know and can't quite visualize how it would look, and whether or not I would like it. 

Although you can't see it, I die cut a scallop circle and added it on the back to finish it off and cover the ends of the feathers where they are attached. 

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I hope you enjoyed my project.  Thanks for stopping by. 


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