Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Special - My First completed Christmas Card

Well I've started creating my Christmas Cards for this year. I usually make a few of one kind , a few of another and so on. I just can't sit and do 30 of one kind like so many Ladies do. My Anxiety level get's too high doing the same thing over and over. Dum huh?

Well anywho I have created one of the Cards I'll be sending out. I'll make about 8 of these card. I've got five more to go. LOL

This Card is a little Cutey and very easy to create.

You make three at a time by cutting a 12x12 piece of Kraft
Cardstock ..

First cut it at 11 inches then turn it and 

three 3 inches wide.

Fold this to make your card base.

Take a Strip 12 inches long and 1 1\2 inches wide of Christmas Paper

Then take another piece of Christmas Paper and do the same

With this piece take a punch.

I used a Fiscars Scallop punch and punch your border.

Cut into three pieces

Take on of the first Christmas Paper
and the scalloped edge paper and put them together

Adhere this to your card base.

The take your Salutation. In my case it was "Bliss"

I inked it up with Versamark

I stamped "Bliss" towards the top and a little bit in.

Pour some White Embossing Powder on it
and heat embossed it.

Then I cut three different shapes of Trees with my Cricut. You can do this by hand also.

The size of the Trees are two inches high.

It took a little bit of playing with my Cricut to get the right size for the card. LOL

If you were doing a whole lot of these cards now would be the time to cut out all your trees of three different kinds.
Using three different Christmas Patterned Paper.

I then took some Walnut Stain Distress Ink and a Blending Tool
and went around the edges of the trees.

I took my first tree and adhered it with a glue stick right onto the card.

Lately I have been using a glue stick for most everything. 

I'm tired of tape not sticking after awhile.

I usually use the Tom Bow tape but must of gotten a bad batch as it's not sticking well.

I also have an ATC gun but that's a whole story in itself how I struggle with that. ROFL!!

so anywho I used the glue stick and down she went onto the paper

at about the middle of the word "Bliss" and over to the left some.

Don't put it too far over because now your going to take a second tree and with those sticky two sided adhesive stick up thingys.

What in the world are they called?

Not glue dots? anyone know what their called to give that 3d look.

I am totally Blank!! LMAO!!
Oh yeah Pop Dots!! No? well someone paleese tell me what
they are called! LOL

I used those on the back of the two remaining trees so they would have that 3d look..

One tree I put to the left of the first tree almost onto the edge
and the last tree I put to the right of the first tree and on the bottom edge of the Christmas Paper.

This gives the Trees the effect of being grouped but sticking out some..

boy am I at a loss for words describing this. LMAO!!

Once I got my trees on I took my Corner Chomper and did all four corners.

I then took my White Signo Pen and created faux stitching around the card.

On the inside of the card I stamp "Merry Christmas"

Simple and Easy and great for Assembly Line work..

Like I said above I have three done as you work in three's. LOL

All of the Products were bought at

Except the White Signo Pen was bought at

Have fun if you are going to create this card.
I think it's a great little card and perfect for Christmas!


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