Saturday, March 9, 2013

Changing Water to Wine

No this isn't a Sermon and it's not about Changing Water to Wine either. It's about changing a steel rule die into a Stamp and creating a Flower out of Tissue Paper.. but I got your interest didn't I? LOL

I entered Tim Holtz's Challenge to use his Tattered Floral Die.. It didn't matter how you used it you just had to use it in something.. Some people added it to gift bags, some made tags, some even made ornaments for the hair.. 

I decided to make a Stamp out of the die.. I got some Fun Foam and it was way too thin so I used my tape dispenser and taped about 4 pieces together. Then I used the die and cut out the flowers. My Vagabond cut them like butter. Once cut I attached them each to a piece of real stiff plastic. I got this off of what Tim Holtz puts his stamps on when you buy them. I cut each piece of plastic about a quarter inch around bigger then my foam stamp.

I found this wonderful little book I had in my stash for years.. It had a place to put a picture.. I put my Saying their.

I first put some Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas onto the whole little book.. Front and insides. Then I put a layer of Gesso on it. Once dried I set out to stamp with my new stamps.. I don't have the new Paint from Tim Holtz so I tried to match up his colors by mixing my own. That's my next purchase. LOL

After I stamped on the inside I then did the outside.. I planned to paint a little painting on the inside but didn't know what to do on the front..... Then I got out some tissue paper and once again used the Tattered Floral Die and made some tissue flowers. Three of them.. I added 2 to the front and one inside..

The brads for the flowers I had fun with by putting some Liquid Scrap Dots on them and then dipping the head of the brad into Glitter. Cool Brads!!

I then did my little painting of the two Owls and printed out my saying "Owl Always Luv You"..

What a fun time I had doing this project. 

Tim Holtz's dies can be bought at

The book like I said I had in my stash..

Just think now of all the possibilities of what stamps can be made from dies.. wooohooo!!


  1. Cute Project! Beautiful Spring Colors!
    Thanks for Sharing so others can see what to do with these dies, making stamps out of dies are so much fun to do!!

  2. You just gave me a huge idea about a hard to find stamp I want!

  3. love how this turned out and what fun making stamps from dies!


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