Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Feature - a little steam

Hello friends.  I've been doing some monthly challenges on the Motley Soul Mixed Media Art blog.  February's challenge was to make 20 4"x4" heart cards.  In other words, a 4"x4" card with at least one heart on it, and each one needed to be different.  Mine are all shown on my blog, lilacs & butterflies, tagged 20 hearts.  This is a scheduled post, so at the time of this writing (Feb. 25), including this heart today, I have 15 finished.  Hopefully, I'll get five more done before the end of the month.  It's been a real challenge for me, because I don't normally use hearts very much. 

For this one, I decided to go with a steampunk theme, something that doesn't come naturally for me, although I find it fascinating. 

The base of the card is made from cereal box chipboard. I then cut a 4" square of card stock, cut it at an angle and covered each piece with wide duct tape.  After trimming the excess, I ran each piece through my cuttlebug, one using diamond plate embossing folder and the other using riveted metal embossing folder.  Then, using a cotton ball to make sure the ink got down into the crevices, I dabbed alcohol inks (black, gold, copper, and silver) all over the pieces and then rubbed some of it off with a paper towel.  The pieces were then attached to the card base. 

I cut a heart from cereal box, the die cut a bunch of gears with gadget gears & mini gears dies, as well as the clock hands from weathered clock, from cereal box.  I glued a bunch of the smaller gears to the heart and trimmed off any that extended beyond the edge of the heart.  Then I placed some metal foil tape over the gears and pressed the tape down into the crevices.  I used a stylus to get the tape tight around the gears.  I trimmed the tape to about 1/4" around the heart and folded it over to the back side.  Then I used the same technique with the alcohol inks on the heart.  I also used a sanding block to take off some of the ink.  Then I glued the heart to the background. 

I wanted a clock element without actually putting a clock on the piece, so this was also made from gears.  I glued two together for extra strength.  The same alcohol ink technique was used on these pieces as well.  The clock hands were too long, so I just trimmed them to a point, short enough to look right with the gears.  Glue and a brad hold the clock together. 

At this point I was really loving my card, but I felt like something was lacking.  Even though each part has a unique finish, there was still a sameness to the whole piece, and I really thought it needed an accent color.  Hence, the red heart, which was cut from red card stock and strengthened with cereal box chipboard.  I wrote 'hot' on it with a Pitt pen and then generously coated it with glossy accents, which I have a tendency to touch before it's dry and leave finger prints, so I made myself leave it alone and let it dry overnight. 

I used black quilling paper and a quilling tool to roll up some tiny paper beads to dangle from the heart on some black thread. I coated them with decoupage medium. 

I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

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  1. Fabulous!! will you teach us how to make those beads.. They look great!! I would have never known they weren't clay beads.

  2. Love it Melody! Especially the shot of red in among the silver!

  3. That red heart really pops! Thanks for Sharing!


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