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Mini Pendant Purse

Technique Tuesday
Judy Cantrell

Mini Pendant Purse


3 x 3” blank board book;
 if you can’t find one use a child’s board book that has 4 pages

or you could make your own with sturdy book board and red line tape.
Stamps: an image that will fit under a 1 ½” square piece of glass, another image

Tyvek envelope; this was used as fabric
I made one of the pendant with fabric found at an upholstery shop.

Lumiere paint;

I used –item no.562 Metallic Olive Green

Crayola White Model Magic air dry clay

Pasta Machine
White Clay coated glossy cardstock. (Kromekote Cover)
Red line tape and/or

double-sided carpet tape

Embossing powder; black
Embossing ink pad; clear or black
VersaFine Black ink pad
Heat Embossing Tool
Glossy Accents


A piece of glass:
(cut to size of image used). I cut a mine 1 ½” x 1 ½”. As a substitute use Tim Holtz Fragments.

Crafters Pick glue
Round jewelry elastic; 2 pieces 4”
Small shank button
Awl, Crimp tool, Tweezers
Paint Brush
Pencil, Sharp cutting scissors
Strand of beads or necklace to use for chain
Jump rings (2) or make your own
X-Acto knife, extra blades, clear ruler, Cutting Mat or piece of plate glass.


Step #1a:

Use a pasta machine on # 5 setting to make a few small sheet of air dry clay. Place the
damp clay on a cutting mat or piece of glass, with a clear ruler cut ¼” strips with X-Acto
knife. Pick up each strip, one at a time, being careful not to distort the clay, using sharp
scissors to cut into ¼” squares. Do this with each strip. Place each square tile on a board
or mat to air dry, don’t let these pieces touch each other or they will stick together. You
will need 60-65 tiles. Let air dry overnight.
Note: I saw a show on Martha Stewart where she uses Clay Craft; it’s air-dried
clay that is soft, durable, and lightweight. This might be something that will work equally

Step #1b
Another option it to cut the tiles after the clay strips are dry.

Figure 1
This pattern template below is the piece for the pocket insert.

Figure 2

Book Cover (not pictured) is a outside cover 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square for placement of mosaic pieces, cut two pieces of super tape and apply to outside of front cover. 
 If using the carpet tape you will need to make the template with two piece of tape. {I’ll tell you when to add the template of tape to the project.}

Step #2:

Use a ruler and X-acto-knife; trim a thin strip [1/8”] away from the edge of the two center

Step #3:
Print and cut out both pattern pieces, using Tyvek trace and cut out both pattern pieces.

Paint pieces with metallic paint of your choice. I choose the Lumiere Metallic Olive Green.

Step #4:
Stamp flower image with VersaFine Black ink on the larger pattern piece as in Figure 3. Set to dry.

Figure 3

Step #5

I used carpet tape to both inside cover pages. If you are using the narrow red line tape
only place around the inside edges of the book. Don’t uncover the backing tape until you
have a good fit. Dry fit the painted Tyvek to the board book folding the tabs on inside of
book. Remove backing paper and fit as if you were covering a book first the two sides
then the top.

Step #6:

If using carpet tape place the backing paper over exposed tape and turn over, do the same
for the back page. When finished with this step you will have two blank pages in the
center of the pendant with two outside pages covered with the painted Tyvek.
Step #7

It’s time to decide which side will be the back and front; chose the smoothest side for the

front. In Figure 2 you will see where the holes go for the next step. On back of book, use

an awl to pierce a hole in each corner and insert a jump ring that is painted with the

Lumiere paints. The jump ring I made is the diameter of a pencil.

Figure 4

In this photo I forgot to trim down the pages but did before going on to the next step.

Figure 5

Stamped insert for pendant. Note where to make creases and folds using a bone folder.

Figure 6

One side of insert applied and button attached to back of pendant.

Step #8:

Use an awl punch a hole into each of the two inside pages of the book, centering the hole
down about 1/3 inch; this is for the button and elastic closure.

Step #9:

Use bone folder for crease all folds according to the pattern.

Step #10:
Place the stamped and creased insert inside of the two remaining pages. Glue the top fold

over the edge of the second page. With the center hole now covered; punch through the
Tyvek with an awl again; string small shank button with the elastic, fold the elastic in
half and push the ends through the hole you have made. Pull and secure the elastic with
tape, don’t remove the backing paper yet.

Step #11:

Glue a tiny hem at the top of gusset to the outside. Glue the edges of the gusset around
the side edges of the second page. Now, remove the backing paper, use plenty of clear
drying glue and apply to the back of the purse. Secure the top and sides with several clips
or clothes pins and let dry before proceeding to the next step. Remove clips as proceed to
next step. Note in figure 6 how it should look now.

Step #12:
Place the top fold over the page and onto back side, glue the fold to back of insert, find

the hole and punch through the stamped piece of Tyvek front to back. This will be your
front side of the pendant. Fold elastic in half and tie in a single knot, pull elastic through
hole and secure with red line tape on back side of page.
Step #13:

Add crafters glue to sides of the page. Wrap the Tyvek around the sides; this will cover
up the book board. Now add plenty of Crafter’s glue to the board book to finish this page.
Add clips to hold tight while drying. After the pendant is dry; touch up the sides with
addition Lumiere paint as needed. All exposed areas that showing board book or Tyvek
will need to be painted.
Figure 7

Step #14

Ready to finish!

Step #15

Apply a 2 ½” square of red line tape or double sided tape to the cover. Have equal

amount of painted surface showing on all sides. [Adjust tape as needed]

Step # 16

Remove the backing paper. Use tweezers, set the tiny mosaic pieces of dried clay onto

the tape into a desired pattern. After you get a few rows on you need to decide where to

place the stamped piece with glass, I choose the glass piece to be in the middle. I cut my

glass from sheet glass.

Step #17

Stamp image on glossy cardstock and embossed with black Embossing Powder. Glue image to top of

glass with a small amount of glossy accents. Trim to fit. Apply glass piece to center of

pendant. File remaining area with tiles.

Step #18

When all the mosaic pieces are in place, prop the pendant in a level position. Begin with

a bead around the outside edge of the mosaic pieces; work the clear glossy accents along

the spaces between and over the tiny squares including the image. Note: Remain on a

level surface. Re-apply Glossy Accents until you have a clear smooth finish.

Step #19

Only one more step to finish. Apply chain to finish. {Note these chains can be found

at thrift stores or Craft Store.)

Below is the second pendant using this technique.

Thanks For Looking and Have a Nice Day!!

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  1. Fabulous Tutorial! I love how this came out. Got to try this for sure.

  2. I love this little neclace purse. I bet the little mosaics would look pretty in diffent colors too.

  3. What a great idea, Kathy! Thanks for sharing!


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