Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blast from the Past

I chose this teachnique for my Technique Tuesday. Enjoy!
No examples at this time. Will update later.

I bought some Faster Plaster supplies and made a couple of plaster frames. I’m waiting for the frames to dry.
Have you heard the term; blast from the past. It’s been years since I played with plaster or transferred anything on plaster frames.


1. To do this trim your artwork you want to use.

2. Tape it down on craft sheet.

3. Use  3/4" flat brush to apply a coat of transfer medium down going one way, let dry 15 minutes, paint the transfer medium going to opposite way, wait 15 minutes. Do this for 6 coats, waiting for each coat to dry before applying another coat.

4. When one coat is drying, place the brush in water, when you need another coat, pull the brush out and dry it off on a cloth. And then apply another coat.

5. After you have put 6 or more coat of transfer medium over you piece clean the brush with soap and water and shape it to dry.

6. Let the transfer medium piece dry for 8 hours after the 6th coat.

7. Fill a container with enough water; add a drop of liquid dish washing soap. Place decal in water so it is completely covered and soak until printing shows through on the back side.

8. Remove from water and place the paper side up on a hard flat surface. Dampen sponge, rub the paper side of the print with the sponge, starting in the center and pushing towards the edges. The paper will begin to roll up,

9. Don't rub to hard or the film will stretch and tear.

10. Continue until all the paper is removed.

11. Rinse decal under running water. Lay flat with the image side face up and let dry. It will become transparent as it begins to dry.

Now back to the project.

13. Brush Decal-It or transfer medium on project surface. Place paper side of decal on surface. If you are using something that has words on print use a guide for placement on surface. Starting in middle of project, gently press and rub decal onto surface. Gently press and rub decal on surface removing air bubbles to edges.

Do not stretch decal.

14. Trim off any excess print, making sure to leave enough edges to wrap to under side of plaster piece.

15. Clean brush while still wet with soap and water.

16. Let dry 8 hours.

1. Brush on 1 to 2 coats of Decoupage to seal. Let dry between coats.

2. If desired, finish back off with felt or fabric if you are not adding this piece to a finish project.

3. If you are making this project and finishing it off on coasters you might want to use a clear acrylic sealer.

Finishing off with Dimensional Paint:

1. Fashion Dimensional Paint can be used to highlight your projects by brushing it on or outlining words or elements on your art project.

2. To brush it on and give an all-over sparkle squeeze some paint on a piece of aluminum foil. The milky paint with glitter will dry clear.

3. Dip the brush into paint and lightly brush on paint, adding sparkle highlights on your project.

Note: Decal-it does not work on photographs and slick, coated, thin, tissue, or certain types of wrapping paper. Always test the paper you are using.

Have fun! Thanks for Looking!!

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