Monday, October 15, 2012

Color Reference Tags

You know, you don't always need the pressure of accomplishing an objective, to be creative. Sometimes it's fun to focus on learning more about technique or about the properties of your tools, or about color. This week, I'm focusing on learning more about using color!

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After I stopped the video, I realized that I had switched the covers on Stormy Sky and Peacock Feathers. So the tag in the video is Stormy Sky and Salty Ocean! So I did a tag the right way with Peacock Feathers and Salty Ocean and put the two side by side here in the photo below so you can see the way it is supposed to look compared to the one I did in the video. There is a big difference!
Also here is a photo of the card I shared, it is my version of a card/tag shared last week by Shelly Hickox!

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