Monday, October 1, 2012

Face Painting at the Orchard!

Happy Monday to you! This past weekend I spent the entire time painting kids and adults at a local orchard's fall festival. My partner Donna Harcourt and I started at 9am and finally cut off the line at 5:30pm each day. During that time we painted kids and adults faces and a few arms non-stop! And I do mean meals, no potty breaks, no sitting down even once! Our line is always a 30 minute wait...but they wait and they always go away smiling! It's a wonderful thing for a child to sit in your chair, a little shy and a little antsy and when we finish, their smile lights up the whole place!

Our wqorking table with paint, wipes, and water basins full of brushes!

I am painting a scorpion design on this boys hand...he said it was "Awesome" when I finished!

This is Donna Harcourt with a young customer

This young man works for the Orchard and he wanted me to paint eyes on his eyelids! He got lots of looks and double takes!


  1. What fun! I've done face painting at a few of my own kids birthday parties years ago. What type of paints do you use?


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