Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Special - Using Dylusion Products

Hiya Everyone, I did a product Review last week on the new Dylusions Journal and I wanted to show an Art Journaling Spread I did in this book. It's my first page so I wanted to make it special. Now that I broke the book in it's nice and messy! LOL

My first spread was created using all Dylusion Products. Sprays, Stencils and Stamps. With a little bit of Gesso thrown in. LOL

First off I sprayed Water on the right hand side page. Then I spayed three colors of the Dylusion Inks on it. I sprayed a little bit of water again and Closed the book really tight. When I opened it back up I now had ink on both sides of my spread. I then ran a Paper Towel on the roll through it.. This is important to kind of set the inks.. I don't blot with a paper towel I roll the whole thing. I dried the spread with my Heat Gun

Once dried I did the Ghosting Technique. This is done by putting a stencil down and spraying water through the stencil.. again I rolled my paper towel. Once dry you will see the stencil image coming through. This Technique is soooo cool!! 

I took another stencil and sprayed some inks through it this time. A few different stencils this way and a few different colors of inks.

Then I took some Gesso and one of the stencils and Stippled the Gesso through the Stencil.. It's hard to see in the picture as my lighting is terrible but the white of the Gesso with the inks looks really cool!

Now for some Dylusion Stamps .. I used the Stamp Sets Background Love and Doodle Parts. First using the leaves I stamped around my spread. I then did what is called over stamping. This is done by inking up your stamp. Then you stamp on a scrap piece of paper and then onto your spread. It gives a shadow effect.
When I'm working with Inks like the Dylusions I always use Archival Ink. This Ink will not run when more water or inks , paint etc is put over it.

Once the leaves were done I stamped the Mushrooms and the Flowers onto the Spread...

I then took some ink and sprayed it onto my Craft Mat. You need something waxy like. Something where the ink is going to stay on the top of it.. I took a small brush dipping into the ink and painted the mushroom and flowers.. Be careful a little inks goes a long way.

After stamping the flowers and mushroom I then stamped my Sentiment..After everything has dried I took a white pen.. A gel pen will work, the white Signo pen is good and also Rangers Inkssentials white pen is good also. All these pens will write over inks.. 

I set out to doodle over everything I could. Filling in the Mushrooms, my sentiment , the leaves and the flowers..

I had some ink left over on my craft mat so I stuck my
fingers in it and Flicked.
All over the spread. It's a great way not to waste the ink. LOL

Last but not least I took my Black Archival Ink and ran it around the Edges

Voila my first Journal Spread in my New Journal!! I love love this Journal by Dyan Reaveley.. I highly recommend it.

All of the Dylusion Products can be purchased

Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium

Have fun today and do some Art Journaling!



  1. You put a lot of work into this and the result is a very pretty page spread. Really lovely.

  2. WOW! I really LOVE what you have done with this page Robyn and all the explanation you have given along the way. I think I could Try this. I have longed to do it and have watched many of Dyan's Tutorials but find she just goes way too fast for my pace. Anyway, You have done a Beautiful Spread TFS.

  3. This is SOOO beautiful. What a great page (spread) to break in your book!


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