Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday Special - Some Mod Podge, Ornaments and Glitter

Hi Everyone I had to show you guys what I was doing at 2:00 in the morning the other day. I had these clear glass ball ornaments from last years buy at Michaels and I just had to use them. I grabbed some of the Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap - Composer and my Mod Podge and got to work covering the balls. First I cut some small pieces of the wrap. The smaller the better as these ornaments are small. I didn't worry too much about the tissue paper not being perfectly on the balls. I coated the ball with tons of Mod Podge both under and over the paper so that when I was done covering it I could smooth it down with my fingers.. As best as I could get it down.. Maybe I should have gone one step further and cut my pieces into oval shapes or something like that but I do like a Grungy look to my work. Plus I'm too Lazy! LOL

I let this dry good. Mod Podge dries clear.. I did use my Heat Gun as I was getting impatient for it to dry. LOL  Once it was dry I had printed a strip of paper I had made in my Paint program. I had put a Christmas Saying on it. One says " Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Jingle all the way" and the other says " and on Earth Peace, Goodwill toward Men..."

I printed out this strip. If your going make one make your strip the size of the circumference  of your ball and about a half an inch wide or smaller..

Put some of the Mod Podge around the ball and adhere the strip. Be careful. My first one didn't go evenly around the ball but up and down it.. You can't move it once it's going down as you will rip the paper. I did! LOL

Now I let this dry good again with my Heat Gun.. and then once it was dry I put another layer of Mod Podge all over the Ornament.. Then I poured Diamond Dust on it! Boy is it sparkly!! I didn't like the Diamond Dust covering the strip so I smudged most of it off of it!! .I would love to try this with some glitter that is clear. I was amazed that I didn't have any!   being the Hoarder I am! LOL.  I was going to use Stickles in the Rock Candy but being the impatient one I didn't want to wait for the Stickles to dry.. Stickles take a long time drying. 

I forgot I had some Stampin Up Dazzling Diamonds so I tried that on another ball..

The Picture doesn't show the strip well with the words but once I smudged some of the glitter off it looked pretty good.

On the top of this Ornament I used what is called a "Snow Marker" to make it look like there was
snow coming down..

These were quick and easy but ooohhhh very messy projects!!

Now I have to go and get some of this glue and glitter off my fingers!! LOL

I'd love to see yours if you give this a try

email me at and show me..

All my supplies were bought at

except for the Stampin Up Glitter..

and of coarse the ornaments..

Hey thanks everyone for stopping by!

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