Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finger Painting

Technique Tuesday
My mother, Jo Adair taught me this technique.

8" x 10" window glass panel
blue masking tape
acrylic paint
fluid medium
paint brush
pages from old text book

Use blue masking tape to cover cut edges all around the glass. This is to protect you from getting cut.
Clean glass panel and dry well. Lay glass panel down on craft table covered with newsprint.

Pour four or five acrylic colors on a foam plate, add a drop or two of fluid medium to each color and mix with tooth pick; the medium will keep you paint from drying too fast.
Use paint brush to color the glass. You don't need to make it solid.
Now the fun part of the project; use your finger or a q-tip to make a design into the wet paint. Place a piece of text paper torn from an old book down on the newspaper.
Use the glass as an inked stamp and press down on text paper. Pull up and see your new artwork. It's normal to see blank areas.
Clean the glass and start all over. It's hard to put this down once you master this new technique.

These are ideas I came up with after making mothers technique.
Press a stencil into the paint and make a negative or positive image on text paper.
Stamp the glass panel over your journal page.
Use a dry foam stamp in the painted panel before stamping down on paper.

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Unknown said...

looks like fun! seems somewhat like Gelli plate. I'll bet it could be used for that canvas necklace!