Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday by Judy Cantrell 

When I starting doing collage projects years ago, I came across this technique using a sealing or tack iron. 

This is a Jonathan Talbot technique. 

1. Coat your surface with Acrylic Medium (gloss) -- the liquid-y one.  
Also coat both sides of the images you want to collage.  
When everything is dry, you can place your
images on your collage as you want them -- they will be mildly sticky, but

you can still move them around, kind of like Colorforms that we had as a

kid.  When you're happy with the way your collage looks, put a piece of
silcone paper (I use the back sheet of FedEx pouches, that you can get in
any fedex mailbox) over your collage (slippery side down against  the
collage) and iron with your tack iron for about 30 seconds.

2. Image transfer -- coat your suface with acrylic medium, and then put

acrylic medium on the FRONT side of a photocopy image you want to transfer.

When they are dry, put the image FACE DOWN on the surface where the acrylic

medium has been applied.  Iron as above, with the silicone paper.  Then wet

the back of the photocopy with a sponge and rub the paper off -- your image
will have transfered to your surface.

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