Monday, November 19, 2018

Tapestry Wool Stocking for My Mother

I started working on this Bucilla stocking from a tapestry kit the first of August 2018. I didn't think it was possible to finish before Christmas this year. I was making the stocking for my dear mother. She turned 93 this year.
I took the first photo, August 18, as you can see I hadn't added that much wool yarn. It was slow going adding wool yarn. The finished stocking is 18" long.

Mom said she didn't want her name on it. I worked on the stocking nearly every day. This was my first tapestry. I stretched the tapestry to a 14x18" wood picture frame, that didn't work very well, so I purchase a frame made for tapestry work. It worked much better.

November 17 I finished the stocking and took the photo below. In a few days we will be taking this stocking to my mothers. I lined the stocking in black fabric. The back is black felt. I finished it by hand stitching. 

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