Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Papers with Jeanette....The Sad Story of the Mummy Card

Designed by:  Jamie Hurley

I saw Jamie's card in the current issue of Paper Crafts Magazine.   
This is my kind of cute and I wanted to make one.

I gathered up the following supplies

I didn't have any orange card stock so I printed off the size that I needed.
Next I cut my panels to size and then the wrapping of the twill began.
Now the sad story begins.   The twill that I had ordered from
OWSE was not any kind of twill that I was familiar with.
Thin and whimpy not strong and sturdy like twill should be.  

!!! Phooey !!!
It looks terrible.
No comparison to what Jamie used for her card.  I didn't want anyone
else being as disappointed in the product as I was so it is no
longer available in the OWSE shop.

I did list the instructions from
Paper Craft Magazine for you.  I've subscribed to
this magazine for quite awhile now and I'm never disappointed
in the cards shown.  Lot's of good ideas.  

Instructions for
Mummy Card by Jamie Hurley 
Paper Crafts Magazine

Make card from cardstock
Adhere twill around carstock rectangle, mat
with cardstock and adhere to care.
Circle punch cardstock and adhere
Stamp sentiment
Finished size:  4 1/4" x 5 1/4"

Thank you Jamie and thank you Paper Crafts Magazine.

Supplies that I would have used to make my Mummy Card.

I love these scissors.
My go to for stickum'
Cardstock - Black, Orange and White
Twill Tape or Ribbon 


  1. Well, at least you gave it a good try Jeanette! lol
    Thanks for sharing a great idea.

  2. Jeanette I see nothing wrong with it.. but glad you took it out of the shop.. You have more twill coming your way.. LMAO!! Good try and good Sunday Story..


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