Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Technique Tuesday ~

This is a technique I came up with using Watercolor Crayons and Alcohol Inks. 
This is my Technique Tuesday.
The card below was published in Rubber Stamp Madness ~
Spring Issue 171 pages 18 and 19 in 2011.
 I used Posh Impressions stamp
but many silhouette type stamp will work with this technique.

by Judy Cantrell

Stamp:  Pear Stamp
Acrylic mounting block
Adirondack Alcohol inks; Red Pepper, Butterscotch
Alcohol Felt Applicator
Craft sheet

White kromekote 2000 IS Cover glossy cardstock 10 pt.

StazOn black by Tsukineko (semi-dry pad)

StazOn all purpose cleaner

Lyra watercolor crayons
Niji portable waterbrush
Small sharp scissors
Page from book

Watercolor scrap piece of paper

Black and green cardstock

You will find many of these supplies here: http://ididitcreations.com/club/


1. Place ¼ sheet of glossy cardstock down on craft sheet. Add two small squirts of red pepper and two small squirts of butterscotch onto felt applicator. Use applicator tool to apply the inks to the glossy cardstock as in first photo. The focus is to get light areas in center of inked piece.
Sample #1
2. Apply cling-mount pear stamp to acrylic block.

3. Ink pear stamp with StazOn black ink pad, starting on left of alcohol inked piece, stamp pear image, clean with StazOn cleaner after each inking to prevent a dark stamped image. You will get three images from one 4 1/4" x 5 /12" alcohol inked piece.
Note: This project was made with a semi-dry StazOn black ink
Sample #2
Water coloring pears:
1. Use a waterbrush with watercolor crayons to color the pear, leaf and stems. Let dry and then apply another layer to get a deeper color. Red, yellow, green and brown watercolor were used on the pears. Set aside to dry.  

2. Cut out pear images, cut off one of the leaves.
Sample #3
3. To give more depth, paint cut edges with green watercolor on green leaves, red on edge of pear and brown to stems.
4. Tear page from book.
5. Tear scrap of paper that has been tinted with watercolor crayons.

6. Adhere torn paper, watercolor paper and the three pears to trimmed black cardstock.
7. Adhere to folded green cardstock to finish.

Artwork and instructions by Judy Cantrell


  1. Never heard of using alcohol inks with water colors. Beautiful, rich and dynamic.

  2. Stunning Work. I never heard of it either.. thanks for a new technique to try.

  3. This is something I came up with it Fall 2010. Thanks for all the comments!

  4. Love your card -- thanks for sharing the real cool technique

  5. Love the pears, Judy, and how you've mixed mediums so successfully!


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