Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Technique is GELATOS

Owls are really popular and so are Gelatos.
Mix & Match Gelatos & Clear Stamp Set- Blue
Here's what they look like  They are in tubes much like chapstick.  They are water soluable.  You can either use them straight or with water.  Adding water weakens the colors.
I followed a tutorial on you tube by Andrea Gomoll here.
 I started with a gesso'd background.  the started scribbling on the gelatos.  You don't even have to be neat with it.  Cause once you get it all over in the design you want, you take a lightly wet paintbrush and smooth the lines out.  I then used several stencils all around with different colors of gelatos.  I used a script stamp here and there too.
 I cut the pieces for the owl out of pages from a book. Stuck them down with Glue and Seal.  I colored the owl using brown, grey, yellow, red.  Used my finger to smudge the gelato.  When you get it like you want, outline it with a ziggy black liner pen.
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Thanks for stopping by-please let me know how you use your gelatos.  I'm loving them!!

Karen Conner


  1. adorable owl. I just got Gelatos and haven't tried them yet. Wasn't even sure what to use them for.

  2. I love Gelatos and wish I could be a better artist in order to do them justice.

  3. Karen, I did watch the video and I truly love your interpretation of the owl! Your colors are so vibrant! Thank you so much for always sharing so many wonderful ideas!
    Kathy J.


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