Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Technique Tuesday ~ Smooching

Smooching Background 
Judy Cantrell
* 2 piece of white or light colored cardstock 4" x 5 1/4"
* 3 or 4 colors of glitter paint or acrylics
* newsprint or Kraft paper to cover your work surface
* Stamp
* Digital tool
* Watercolors
* Folded card


1.  Cover your work surface with several layers of newsprint or Kraft paper.
2.  Place one piece of cardstock on top of the newsprint.
3.  Squirt a generous amount of paint on the cardstock, randomly or in a
4.  Place another piece of cardstock on top of the first, folding up one
corner about an inch (you will use this to move the pieces around, spreading
the paint).
5.  Smooch the pieces together.  You could use a roller, but I just use my
hands and press down firmly.
6.  Holding the corner, wiggle the 2 pieces in opposite directions until the
cardstock pieces are covered completely or near completely.  The "wiggling"
makes the designs unique.
Option: add glitter to paint while still wet.
Place on a protected surface to dry. Let dry overnight.

The image was stamped and watercolor. "For You" was made with  my Cricut tool both were applied to a folded card to finish.


  1. I just love those colors, What a wonderful TUTE.
    Thank you Judy


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