Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Special - Index Cards Backgrounds

Hi everyone I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.. Now back to doing Artwork and Journaling..

I wanted to show you all these Index Card Backgrounds. It's a great way to do some backgrounds and have them all done and ready for Journaling or even creating cards or tags.

First take some plain index cards and put them on your work space. I used the sides with the lines showing.

Use three or four colors of Acrylic Paint. I used pink, orange, yellow and blue.. put dots of these paints onto your cards and with a credit card, piece of cardboard or anything like that scrape the paint across your cards. Some vertically and some horizontally. You don't need to get every color on every card. 

Grab some stencils once your index cards are dry and with spray inks spray some stencils
randomly on the index cards.

With some paint get some punchinella (sequin waste) and some alphabet or number stencils and work the paint through 
the stencils.. Once again doing this randomly..

Empty any of the paint that's left over onto your cards..

You can see the red paint from the Alpha stencils I put on the other cards..

Now use some contrasting colors of paint and with your fingers smear it onto the cards here and there..

Let this all dry..

Now once it's dried add some Emphemera to your cards.. You can do this either now or wait until
you glue the cards into your journal..

I waited and with some Matt Medium I glued the Index Cards into my Journal

Fitting it all together like a puzzle..

Next to make my pieces somewhat cohesive I stamped randomly with a bunch of different background


Your Done with your Background..

The next step is your focal point and more stamping or painting if you want..

I took some index cards that were left over and cut out some hearts

placed them on my Journal and drew some stems..

Then I added a whole bunch of rub ons..

The Last thing I did was drip some ink down the page..

woops I went over my saying.. duh

It says

"The Biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying
to make you like everyone else"

This was a rub on I had..

The very last thing I did was to take my Black Archival Ink pad and run it around the edges..

These cards are so much fun to create. It took me about an hour and I had my background!!

Now it's your turn.

Give this a try and if you do send it to me at

I'd love to see it..


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