Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Technique Tuesday ~ Wrinkle-Free Distress

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!
By Judy Cantrell

Wrinkle Free Distress samples 

      1.)   Place non-stick craft sheet down on work table.
2.) Swipe one color of distress ink pads across the craft sheet, swipe another distress ink but don’t overlap. I usually apply two to three colors of distress ink.
3.) Use a fine mist water sprayer of water into the distress colors until you see droplets of color on the sheet.
4.) Press your tag into the wet ink. Start by rubbing your fingers over the back of tag to make sure the ink spreads. [Important: Do not move the tag around.]
5.) Then turn over and dry with heat tool.
6.) Next, go back in the ink, but this time drag the tag into desired colors.  Heat set each time you pick up color until you like the background you created.  This will give you a unique look. 

[To avoid plagiarism I used my own words on these instructions; otherwise as a quote from Tim Holtz.]

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