Friday, November 11, 2011

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal - Sticky Back Canvas Ornament

Hi everyone it's Outlaw Gal and it's another Felonious Friday!! Today I am making from Sticky Back Canvas an Ornament for my Christmas Tree. Well actually I made three. The are really old fashioned looking and very sparkly!!

I started with a piece of Sticky Back Canvas and took some Acrylic Paint in which I put two colors in my case on two of them Red and Green. On the tiny one I used Pink and Blue.. Once that was dry I Stamped with a script stamp all over.. I took a Pitt Pen and wrote all over it words like Peace, Love, Chrismas, Cheer.. Let that dry and with some Gesso I put dots of white in different sizes all over..

Okay now I wanted glittery.. I grabbed some tissue paper that was silver foiled and crumbled it up and now with some Decoupage I glued it down and then added a layer of the decoupage on top of the tissue. I heat set this.. Because the silver pattern was a bit too much I took some gesso and a credit card and smeared it on top just a little bit to give it some texture.. Stamped again some and again added some paint..

At this point after all was dried I added some sparkly Stickles all over. Just smear it on.. This will take a long time to dry. Then I folded my now Fabric Paper in half and cut Hearts out. Very Crudely.. I separated the hearts and put batting in between. Cutting the batting out into the heart. I stitched this whole thing up with the batting in it and also added the ribbon as I stitched. .. and that's my ornament!! Easy huh? I had so much fun creating these ornaments. I'm going to make more, more , more!! LOL

You could decorate these more by stitching on some words maybe.

and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

I bought everything I used at

woops that's a lie.. I didn't buy the Glitter Tissue paper at OWSE

I bought that at the Dollar Tree for you guessed it a Dollar! ROFL!

See you next week with more Felonious Friday!