Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spiral Booklet by Judy Cantrell

Spiral Booklet
by Judy Cantrell

This is my Technique Tuesday this week! This next month I'll be sharing
something I've made already. I have many projects with instructions
in my stash. I hope you will enjoy these.

I made this booklet for an online magazine. (RRA) It was a lot of fun to make. The inspiration came to me when I saw a book that spelled out words. 
Each cover letter has its own pages behind it for jotting down notes or thoughts. I made this heart's gift using a variety of tools and supplies from my stash.

Finished size: 4” x 8”
Cuttlebug heart embossing folder
Base Camp Font Cartridge
Cricut Electronic cutter
Red Owires; ¾”
Wire cutter
Perfect Pearl pigment powder
Perfect Medium pad
Detail and dusting brush
Red, black and white cardstock
White copy paper
Paper flower punch
Paper trimmer
Clear Gel tacky glue

Many of these supplies available: OWSE http://ididitcreations.com/club/

1)    This small booklet comes together using four separate sections. Each letter has its on white pages. 
2)    Cut 8 precise pieces of red cardstock
a)    2 - 2 x 4,”
b)    2 – 4 x 4,”
c)     2 – 6 x 4,” 
d)    2 – 8 x 4.”
3)    Cut white pages slightly small for each 4 sets of red cardstock. I used 10 pages for each section.
4)    Emboss front sections of each red cardstock with heart embossing folder. 
Designers Note: Emboss the red front sections V and E twice.
5)    Use detail brush to apply Perfect Pearl pigment powder to each embossed red cardstock. Use dusting brush to remove excess powder.
Designers Note: Perfect Pearls come in many fabulous colors; I used Perfect Pearl color for this project. Its luster was perfect for this project and doesn’t rub off because it has a binder in it.
6) Arrange red embossed front, white paper and red cardstock for each section.
7) Use Bind-it-All tool to cut holes in each section per instructions of this tool.
8) Use wire cutter to cut desired Owires. Apply per instructions of Owires to bind the booklet.
9) Cricut electronic machine and Base Camp font cartridge was used to cut the word “LOVE” 2 ½.” Adhere the L to the 2 x 4” piece, O to 4 x 4,” V to 6 x 4” and E to 8 x 4” piece. These can be straight across or graduated as I did on this project.
10) Use white cardstock to punch 3 flowers. Adhere to the letter O.
11) I hope you’ll enjoy making this project. Other words and names could be made with a little adjustment.


Anonymous said...

Judy, what an awesome spiral book! I love how you embossed it. It makes it look like leather. You did an amazing job of creating it!!


www.creativepointe.blogspot.com said...

Very cool book Judy!!

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous!! Now this is a project I would make - probably over and over again!!

Cindi E said...

Judy , this would make a splendid Valentine gift!

Rika said...

Wonderful book!