Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Technique Tuesday ~ Dabber Resist

Welcome to Technique Tuesday!!

Dabber Resist
This is one of those techniques you will use over and over.   

1.)   Turn stamp face up onto work surface; apply Paint Dabber on stamp until the design is covered completely.
2.)   This next step is important: don’t press too hard when you stamp the image onto tag otherwise it will smear the image. Lift off. Examine to see, it should be a clear design. (At this point I tried several designs before I found one that did well. I would suggest something that has open designs. Solid designs didn’t work well for this technique. )
3.)   Heat set to dry.
4.)   Place your tag on craft sheet. Apply distress inks in a circular motion using your foam applicator and ink blending tool, this can be done using several colors. Continue adding ink over the tag until you are happy with the results.
  Designers Note: Bold Distress Inks works well with this technique.

5.)   Mist a paper towel with water. (Tim’s suggestion don’t use baby wipes.)
6.)   With a gently swipe with a damp cloth remove the top layer of distress ink from the dabber paint image.
7.)   Embellish your tag or card!

Adirondack Snow Cap Dabber Paint (Ranger Ink)
Rubber Stamp
Ink Blending Tool
Distress Ink in assorted colors
Tag or card stock
Ink blending tool with foam applicator
Mini Mister or fine spray bottle of water
Paper Towel or soft cloth
Enjoy and Happy Stamping!!

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