Friday, December 16, 2011

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal - Easy Peasy Ornament

I created this Easy Peasy Ornament.. It's created using Memory Glass and Foil Tape. It's so easy to create.

First find an image you want to use. Not to big.. Your probably going to have to resize it anyways so you don't want to start off with a big image if your taking it off of the Web.. A little tip when your resizing images so you don't lose resolution and get it looking all warped.. When you resize if you can change your Pixel Size in your Photo Editing Program ( I use Paint Shop Pro) you want to change it to 300 pixels. It's probably at 72 pixels which is fine for the web but not too good when printing and resizing.. Okay so if you can change this do it. Now print it out and cut it the exact size of the glass your using. Get two pieces of the memory glass and put your image and a back in between the two pieces of the glass. Get your foil tape and run it around the edges. The Tape is pretty easy to work with.. Now all you have to do is glue your hanger to the back( I used my glue gun) and you have yourself a nice little ornament.. How easy was that!!! LOL I love love this Memory Foil tape!!
Oh by the way it comes also in Copper and Brass..


Memory Glass
Memory Foil Tape

Dat's it for this week..

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