Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Women

Let's give Cindy Pointe a warm welcome as our Guest Artist
 Wednesday Women!!
Cindy has a gorgeous ornament tutorial and video to share with us!


Cindy says these are easy to do and would make great gifts!

Cindy says she has been a painter for over 20 years and had hesitated getting into papercrafting as I "already had enough hobbies", but my sister became a Stampin' Up demonstrator and I received lots of product by helping her out hosting a party and then letting her pay off a washer with stamps! I basically just fiddled around making a few cards now and then. Since I don't have kids I didn't think I "needed" to scrapbook. That all changed when my sisters, Mom and I created a scrapbook for my Dad's 70th birthday and I really enjoyed it. So...I made scrapbooks for my dogs! And then for trips. Now I scrap everything that is meaningful to me. A few years ago I got a Cricut to make scrapping easier and then discovered Sure Cuts A Lot. What a revelation! I could make anything I wanted from paper! Now I design SVG files that I offer for free on my blog and sell. As for painting, I still love it but I find myself papercrafting more and more. I've recently moved into multi-media artwork where I can use ALL my paint and paper supplies and am loving it!
In January 2011 I started my blog,, so that I could show my projects in paint, paper and other media. I also share SVG files, tips and techniques there.
I live in northern Michigan with my supportive hubby and bulldog Millie (hence the "Milliesmomma" yahoo name) and am counting the years until I can retire from my day job and hang out in my studio full time.

Click here to see Cindy's video

1. Using Tonic (or similar) scissors, cut the metal mesh into a rectangle that fits the amount of dominoes you will be using. You will want a small edge extending from the dominoes. For my ornament, I cut the piece to be 1 3/8" x 3 1/8". You'll notice that I cut it so that the notched portion of the mesh design is all around the edges.

2. Next cut out portions to create any holes for hanging. In this ornament, I cut and left two holes at the top for the hanger and one centered hole at the bottom to be able to create a dangle.

3. Apply Glossy Accents to the sides (that will be touching other dominoes) and backs of each tile. Firmly press onto the mesh and make sure all the tiles are evenly placed. Use a craft mat or other non-stick surface when gluing the dominoes down. That way you can leave them on the mat to dry and there is no chance of bumping the tiles out of alignment. Once they are dry, if they don't seem firmly attached to the metal, you can turn them over and add more GA as needed.

4. Next choose the colors of alcohol inks you want to use. I used Meadow, Latte and Copper Mixative on my ornament. I think having three colors makes an attractive background.

5. I used a blending tool with a felt pad and added drops of all the colors then pounced the tool over the dominoes until I got a background I was happy with. Be sure to also color the sides of the dominoes. Use blending solution to soften the colors if you prefer. I like to wear disposable gloves when doing this step to keep my hands clean.

6. Next choose the image you want to put on the ornament. Remember, if you don't have small stamps you can use just a portion of a larger stamp. The secret to getting a good sharp image on dominoes is to use tissue paper. Cut a piece of white tissue paper slightly smaller than your ornament. Then using Archival Ink, stamp onto the tissue paper. Trim as close as possible to the image.

7. Turn the stamped tissue paper image over and apply Glossy Accents to the back with your finger tip. Then very carefully place the paper onto the domino and smooth out gently with more GA. (Tip: I used a Q-Tip and some blending solution to take away some of the background color where Santa's face was going to be). I stamped the sentiment and applied it to the ornament in the same way. Let the ornament dry completely.

8. Choose beads for your ornament. I used two colors: iridescent green and copper, both round and bugle beads. I also selected a light green bauble for the dangle.

9. Run a generous bead of Glossy Accents along the edges of the mesh up onto the tile. 

. Press beads into the GA. Use a craft knife or tweezers to help nudge beads in place. Work in a small area at a time so that the GA doesn't dry before you place the beads. Once all the beads are placed, set on craft mat to dry.

11. Add the top sealer coat with Glossy Accents. Apply with even pressure all over the tiles. Don't worry if some of the GA runs down onto the beads. Use a pin to pop any bubbles. This needs to dry for a day. You do not want to handle the ornament if the top coat is at all tacky.

12. To make the hanger, cut a 9 inch length of copper wire. Attach to one of the hanging holes you've created and string the beads. Then attach the other end to the remaining hole by twisting the wire and clipping off the extra wire.

13. As I didn't have any head pins that had a loop to attach the dangle, I simply cut a 6 inch piece of copper wire and bent it in half. I slid the dangle into the fold and twisted. Then added the beads onto the double folded wire. I looped the top of the wire through the ornament hole, twisted and clipped.

14. I did finish the back as I wanted a copper, not silver, color on the back. I just pounced on more Copper Mixative alcohol ink. You could also use Glossy Accents to glue some of the same beads you used around the edges into the holes in the mesh. That would add extra "bling" to the back and would cover up any trace of the dominoes.

Supply List:
*Mini dominoes (I got mine from the Dollar Store)
*Metal radiator screen (available at home improvement stores)
*Stamps--"Vintage Christmas" by Crafty Secrets and "Winter Silhouettes" by Inkadinkado
*Beads and baubles
*Copper wire
*Misc--Tonic Scissors, Blending Tool with felt pad, disposable gloves, white tissue paper, craft mat, craft knife, tweezers


Anonymous said...

That is so pretty! Cool idea with the tissue paper too.

Stamped Impressions said...

This would make a very nice gift! Thanks for Sharing!!