Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Technique Tuesday ~ Embossing Enamel

Technique Tuesday

By Judy Cantrell


Embossing Enamel Transfer

by Lea Cioci

This is a project I made using the embossing enamel transfer technique.


UTEE Clear embossing enamel

Ranger melting pot

Color photocopy

Texture stamp

Craft sheet

Bowl of cool water


1.     Pour UTEE into the melting pot and melt on UTEE setting.

2.     Place a color copy face up on the craft sheet.

3.     Pour melted UTEE over the image; immediately press the texture stamp on top of the poured UTEE to create a pattern. Let the embossing enamel harden.

4.     Once the enamel has hardened, place the image into a bowl of water. Let it sit for a few minutes.

5.     Take the piece out of the water and lightly rub the paper backing until all you have left is the image embedded in the enamel.

      Note: you may have to soak longer if the coating is not complete removed.

6.     Apply the enamel transfer to a project of your choice using clear drying glue. 


Robyn said...

I have got to try this technique for sure!!

Cindi E said...

Ooh! Love this, Judy!