Thursday, December 8, 2011

Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal - Beautiful Poinsetta's

I love love the Poinsettia . When the Holiday's come around each year I have to buy me one. or two or three!! LOL but each year they fade and lose their color. I don't know how to take care of them. I do love that I have them at least for the Holiday Season and how they just look so beautiful sitting on my Dining Room Table ..

I created a Poinsetta that looks almost like the real thing. and this won't fade. LOL

This picture does it no justice. My camera takes lousy photos..

The fabric Ribbon is a beautiful deep red Velvet.

I started off with a Spool of this Deep Red Velvet Ribbon I bought at Michaels for 60% off!!

Wooohoo!! What a bargaininsky!!

Check out your Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joann's for this. At this time of year they all
have it.

I used Tim Holtz's Tattered Leaves Die

for this. I cut 9 of the leafs using the Red Ribbon Material.

I cut 5 leafs of Green Card Stock

Once they were cut on four of the leaves I made them a bit smaller by rounding off the bottom

on the others I took off the stems.

Now I inked every leaf with Distress Ink "Walnut Stain" .. This is to give it some shadowing effect and aged look.

Now take a little bit (tiny amount) of Claudine Hellmuth's Multi Medium (matte)

and put it on the very botton of each red leaf where it rounds off.. Let this get to where it is almost dry.

Be careful not too much as it stains the fabric.. What you want to do is get this rounded edge stiff so you can bend the leaf in half.. So bend each one.. You don't want it to stick and be in half you just want the leaf to bend slightly when it is put together. So it's not just sitting there all
Flat and Forlorn. LOL

Get out your Mouse Pad


Take your Green Leaves and with your Dry Embossing Tool or even use a craft pick

run a line up the center of the leaf. I use my Mouse Pad so that I have a nice cushion

underneath to give it a slight bend and look of a real leaf..

Make sure you have taken "Walnut Stain" and distressed the edges of these leafs..

Now some fun!!

Get some Stickles both Red and Green..

and apply them onto the appropriate leafs.

Stickles take a long time to dry so start to work on another projects or better

yet go shopping at the Emporium! LOL

Okay the Stickles is finally dry..

Take a square of felt now and arrange your leafs on this.

First your green leafs now your red

as you put them on Alternate the space between the bottom leaves.

I used Hot Glue to adhere my leafs to my piece of square felt.

For the very middle I put Adhesive Pearls on ....

When it's all dry and arranged the way you want it cut the square piece of felt smaller then

the leaves so it doesn't show..

Now wasn't that quick and easy.. well not so quick waiting for the Stickles to dry. LOL

but it was Easy Peasey!!

and how beautiful it looks..

These are big poinsettas'

They would look beautiful on the top of a Christmas Present.

or make a whole on one of the leafs and run some ribbon through and use
as an Ornament..

All My Products except for the ribbon

I got at

See you next week for more Felonious Friday with Outlaw Gal..

Their tons of places that this Poinsetta would look beautiful decorating!!

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL

(I told ya I wouldn't do a card this week. ROFL!!)